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Monday, April 17, 2017

You Go Girl

If you've followed this blog for a while or my old blog
"Wanna Buy a Duck" I'm sure you've heard me mention
my life long friend Marilyn. 

Marilyn is in training. Training for what, you might ask. 
Training for a triathlon to be held August 6. 
Not so unusual but Marilyn is 78 and triathlons are a passionate hobby for her.
You could say she is always in training because her exercise week is divided up by
swimming, running and biking.

I would never even get started at the gate, but I'm the one waiting at the finish
line,  flouncing the pom poms. I am bursting with energy when I watch her
commitment to her workout schedule.

She will be coming for a visit next month, driving her van with her bike
in it's rack. There is an olympic size pool at the Y and plenty of running
space here. She can do her thing while I hoe my spuds.

I planted potatoes yesterday and my Fed Ex guy said I'm late.  They should
have been in the ground by St. Paddy's Day. But then I read in the Farmer's
Almanac that we should never plant potatoes in the sign of Pisces and March
 17 is still Pisces. Oh dear, what to do!  I just got some old sprouted
organic red potatoes from my daughter. Nice sprouts but
Lily started chewing on them and  poof went some of the long sprouts.

Have a happy week and you A to Z'ers are on the home stretch.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

My answer was, "No Way."

I was in Bozeman for my weekly appointment when
a friend came up to me and asked if I heard that Assad
had released a killing gas on his people and there 
were videos all over the internet of Syrian people and
many small children dying from breathing this chemical. 
     "No way," was my response. I do not believe Assad would delibertly release a
deadly gas on his people nor did I believe he was guilty of the same thing four
years ago.  I don't think any country is supposed to be stockpiling that kind of
gas so I guess just having it could be a crime.

It really makes no sense at all but smacks more of False FLAG,  False FLAG.
Everything seems to be just kind of OK now...... no major crises and one fine
morning, Assad just decided to gas some of his people and especially the
children. Nothing tugs at the heart-strings, like watching little kids die and puts
Americans in a war-revenge mood. Some sources even suggested the  videos
were staged.

The next morning I woke up to the news that Trump had ordered an air strike
 on a Syrian air strip as a warning to Assad.  A warning for what? No proof
of anything.  Why so fast?  Is Trump another Allen Dullas and pulled the
wool over everyone's eyes. I would hate to harbor that thought for even a
moment.  It seemed to be common knowledge that the UN wanted Assad out
and Niki Haley was over there condemning Assad.

I saw too much of Allen Dulles' moving into countries where we had no
business to be, ousting Mossadegh from Iran in 1953, followed by deposing
Jacobo Arbenz from Guatemala and always setting up his own puppet
government. False Flags usually anger the people enough to accept our
government going in for the natural resources as the prize. Ha

Trump was so adamant about staying out of Syria on his campaign
promises. I know many Trump supporters who are now fearful that he is
pulling an FDR move.  FDR's campaign promise was that the Mother's
would never see their son's fight on foreign soil. Right. After being
elected, how long did that promise last.

Many of us are praying that this is a one time occurance and that
President Trump will hold fast to his promises. He has always talked
about our countries debt and that little air strike was another 90
million shot up like fireworks. Perhaps I'm not seeing the big
picture, but my gut tells me I am.

I hope history isn't repeating the saying goes.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Attempt at a Blueberry Pie

I am using new baking flour, an ancient non-hybrid wheat
flour known as Einkorn.  This miracle flour is touted to 
possess all the characteristics of the wheat grown when 
I was young, meaning, causing NO WHEAT ALLERGIES.

It makes very sticky dough and working with it takes some practice. I was so
frustrated making this pie that I almost threw the whole thing out but the crust
is most delicious. What I did throw out, was all my old wheat flour and I'm
definitely going to "stick" with this one (pun intended). lol

My previous Einkorn baking experiment was Kefir Sourdough Bread. It took 5 days of
preparation and then I forgot the salt but delicious in-spite-of.

I hated to cook, didn't even like to be in the kitchen but I did appreciate good health.
I came to the realization long ago that if I wanted good health, I'd have to cook.
Now, when I prepare nutritious, healthy food, I actually enjoy being in the
kitchen and I am absolutely in "good health heaven" to have discovered Einkorn
flour. If your cooking/baking is centered around good health, check out this one.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Little Kid Makes a Snowman

The report is that this is the most snow and lowest 
temps we've had in over forty years.  Swell.  But I
don't really care as long as the pipes don't freeze
and when the sun shines, it fills every room of this
old farmhouse with cozy bright.

As much as I love this old house,  puppy and I still have to go out for our
daily exercise.  On our drive to the park, I noticed a small boy, alone in
his front yard, trying to make a snowman. The day was a little warmer
and the snow was perfect for rolling a big snowball. There was a slight hill
in that yard and I actually stopped for a second to watch the little boy push
the snowball UP the hill. He was very small, perhaps 4 or so.

The little nipper was really working hard trying to push that big snowball
and then I wondered why his mother didn't come out and suggest it would
be easier if he pushed the snowball DOWN the hill.  Maybe it was one of
those teaching experiences, like, "Figure it out yourself, kid, it's a hard-
knock world out there."

If it had been my kid, I may have hollered out the door that it would be
easier if he rolled the snowball down the hill. Is that pampering too much
or is it better to let kids figure out certain things on their own? Just
wondering what you think as it's too late for me anyway. My kids are
now grandparents themselves.  If there were mistakes to be made in raising
kids, I made mine many years ago.

What do you think?

Monday, March 6, 2017

As Long As I'm On The Dog Subject.....

Lily will be 1 year in a month. I saw little drops of blood
on the floor. Oops....Lily is in heat. I had pads all ready
for the occasion but now I don't know where I put them.

I think everyone knows I'm 87 and I can't recall a time when we didn't have a dog or
dogs. When I was young, dogs always lived to see their 20's and never were ill with
any of the diseases dogs can suffer from now.

As I was examining Lily to make sure it was her season, my mind wandered back
to our dogs that seemed so much healthier. What could it be that made the difference?

For one thing, dogs were not spayed, neutered or vaccinated. I can't even remember
a small animal vet in our town.  Nor do I recall ever seeing commercial dog food.
Dogs just ate the same food we ate.

I will also interject here, that I never heard of people having cancer or all those
diseases of the organs until perhaps in the 60's or 70's. But this is a dog story, not
a people story.

I looked up a lot of vids by Vets on YT and there seemed to be a sharp division  of
opinions about the above dog subjects. I'm in agreement with the vets who say,
"Do not spay or neuter.  Or each year you hold off adds another year to your dog's
life. All the medical info is on YT but it appears that if the sex hormones are
removed, the adrenals will still produce a small amount of sex hormones but
those little buttons soon become over-taxed and many kinds of diseases can
take over the pet's body.

One informative video by a Dr. Becker, states that in Canada the vets can do
a tubal ligation, that is far better for the dog but unfortunately US Vets are
not even taught this as an option.

Then there's the dog food. I've never understood how a dog could live on
those hard little nuggets that lack enzymes, so I've always made my own
dog food. I've never given them processed food because I don't own a
can opener. LOL I wouldn't eat those things so why would I give it to my dog.

There are a few things I have to conform to because of laws but I pretty
much raise my dogs as we did back in the 30's.

I realize many people have to give their pets the commercial pet food but
it would add to their nutrition to mix in a raw egg each day,  some meat
scraps, some kelp and a shot of wild salmon oil. I know..... I read that vets'
say, "Don't give your dog table scraps, but trust this old broad, the dog would
love it and love you too.

Now I gotta look for those pads. Where did I put
them? That's what 87 will do for you. Haha

Monday, February 27, 2017

One bad thing, one good thing

This is Lily,  10 mo. old Australian Shepherd
who side-swipped me from behind and sent
me flying. I landed hard (very hard) on a
pocket radio and broke my hand. This happened
last fall so I spent the winter with my right arm in a cast.  She is a
Sweetie and smart, smart, smart, like all Aussie dogs. I worked
with her in the house this winter and it's absolutely stunning to
see the results of our training hours.

But here's the bad thing. I love my home-made
sourdough bread and how could I knead bread dough with
my hand in a cast?

Here's the good thing.
Bosch bread dough mixer to
the rescue.  I am totally in love
with this appliance.  It mixes my dough
in 5 minutes. Why didn't I have this
years ago?  Perfect loaves. I have
always considered bread making an
art. I guess it took Lily to show me
an easier way.

My arm is now out of the cast and
recovering fast...... just in time
for summer gardening.

Ain't life grand.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Fitting Punishment

I just read this in the New York Times.

A sentence was handed down to 5 teenagers in VA who spent
a lot of energy writing  racist graffiti on a historic black school-

They are ordered to read one book each month for the next
12 months and write a book report on it.  Not just any book 
but the Judge gave them a list of 35 works from history's 
most divisive and tragic periods, from which they can choose.

Their sentence also includes a mandatory visit to the Holocaust
Museum in Washington and the Smithsonian's Museum of
American History exhibit on Japanese-American internment
camps in the US. 

I hope more judges follow suit in that kind of punishment  of
Judge Avelina Jacob.  Do you think people would 
continue to riot if they actually knew and understood history?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hackneyed Phrases

I guess we all tend to use our pet words or
phrases over and over but tell me why so
many people suddenly jump on the band 
wagon of certain phrases and use it until 
it's paper thin. 

Here are 3 overused phrases that make me groan.
     "Bring to the table." Ony bring to the table if
your "plate is full." Oops there's one.

     How about, "Kick the can down the road." 
We used to play kick the can when we were kids. Is that what
they mean?

     And another one, " At the end of the day."
Why does it always have to happen at day's end? Beats me.

Do you have any phrases that send you
screaming out of the room?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The House

I live in Helena, Montana.  We pronounce it hell-eh-na not he-lee-na.
Gold, discovered here in 1865 made it an overnight boom town, while
a civil war was raging in the East. It's a very small town with the city
limits boasting 25,000 people.

The town is unique and I fell in love with it
 over 40 years ago. The gardens and the old
houses beckoned to me. Many miners did strike
it rich and expensive mansions popped up
throughout the city with each house vying
to be different. 

I can go out my back door, walk 2 steep blocks and I'm at the base
of a mountain that provides many walking paths. There is one house
located just before the sharp incline where the mountain begins.  Some
how, this old house reaches out to me and every time I actually
stop and take in all the house's magnetism.  Cody dog would always
look at me as if to ask, "why are we stopping?" Even if she could
talk, I'd never have an answer, I just had to stop for a while  and
afterward, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" always entered my mind. lol

Joanie, a shirt tail relative, grew up in Helena and knew of every
family who lived on the West end. One day we were walking  up
to the mountain and talking about history, a favorite subject to
both of us. I was saying that I had read most of Stephen Ambrose
books because he was my favorite historian. 

Joanie said, "He used to live right up here."  I got so excited and
wanted to see his family house. Well, of course, it was the house
where Cody and I always stopped.  I was speechless but not
surprised as things like that often happen to me.

I don't know what one would call it, a
vibration, a ghost beckoning, an apparition
conundrum, or just enthralled with an old
Anything like that ever happen to you?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Rerun Time

Women are at it again. They want to be heard (I guess)
so they brought in the big guns or old guns, namely
Gloria Steinem, age 82, in..... back to the 60's.

Are things better,  are women happy?  I guess not because I hear the same ole
complaints. It's like a re-run for me and I didn't fall for it the first time.

I'm going to try to make this brief, but don't believe me, look it up

In the 60's, Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA and her mission was
to promote feminism, break up the American families and get women
yearning after mundane jobs while all the while, she was boinking
Henry Kissinger, then Sec. of State under Nixon.  Of course that was
the part the media tried to keep under the rose.

Kissinger was strongly blamed for taking an active part in the bombing
and killing of the innocent Cambodians.

Here's the plan as I could see it and it takes quite a few years to put
it all together. (and I've had the years)

Tear apart the family structure, introduce 
cocaine to the kids, emphasize abortion, one-
parent families make for lonely kids who
can become easily duped. 

Then it became time to open the borders and
and let in the large Islamic famlies. After 
several generations, the Americans would be
totally outnumbered and brought to their knees. 

The agenda of the NWO. Look that one up too.
They do tell you ahead of time what to expect.  

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wheeee.....Look at us go

Lately I'm hearing words floating around me, such as, "health care,
affordable health and other words with the word "health" attached.
As I see it, it's mostly said by people who are sick, in fact, dying
so why do they attach the word health to it?

So I say to myself, "Dummy-self, it's Western medicine.  Get It?"
Yeah now I do. It's the high-priced poison they entered into the
Merck Manual when they removed all the natural remedies that
we already had in our cupboards or growing wild in our
backyards.  Oh yeah, right.  Finish big conversation with myself.

I'm not a real hard-nose about all Western medicine, in fact  a
western medical doctor recently put a cast on my broken arm.
It's a wonderful thing for acute medical needs; for accidents and
sudden life-threatening rips and tears to a body.

My arm was giving me pain at night and I couldn't sleep. The
medical people were ready with Rx pad and pen in hand, ready to
write out something for me to take to the pharmacy. I asked if
they would OK a medical cannabis card for me.  After much
hemming and hawing and "we'll get back to you, I never heard
from them BUT a small jar of the oil suddenly appeared beside
my bed and it worked like a miracle charm. Thank you Fairy
Godmother, and with the relief of pain, I could get a good night's

So you are asking what I do when I'm sick. (maybe) I'm really
never sick..... hardly ever in my life. Yes, there's the usual wear
and tear on the organs because they've been busy quite a number
of years. I use mostl Eastern medicine and quite a lot of medical
mushrooms. (that is not the psychedelic ones).  It just kinda keeps
me healthy.

A lot of the Chinese formulas include herbs that restore color to
hair. He Shou Wu is one such herb that is used in many formulas.
I used to put a brown henna on my hair but haven't in over a year.  I
kept noticing in the mirror that my hair was looking darker and the new
growth of hair coming in around my forehead was black. Get this,
my hair, all over my head, is dark, dark.... almost black.  I feel
enbarrassed now, as I know people are saying, "Look at that old
broad, dying her hair so witchy black." No kidding, it's for real.

I've probably been overdoing it (but for my liver and not hair) as I
was going for a teaspoon but just did a guess chug-a-lug.

I do sincerely  hope all you users of western medicine can get your
health ins, at a reasonable price and I drink to your good health.
(I'm sipping an eastern tea) and I'm not making fun of western
medicine. I use it myself when there's an acute need.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Birth of the CIA

Are intelligence agencies in the habit of 
election interventions? We'll see.

After the two world wars, Americans were ready to have the
country return to normalcy,  meaning back to their isolation
again. Truman saw no need for peacetime espionage and
information gathering so in 1945 he disbanded the OSS (Office of
Strategic Service).

New and faster modes of travel made the world a little smaller
and it was soon apparent that America DID need an intelligence
service so the CIA was born in 1948.  At that time I was in
psychiatric nurses training and we were using the plant Scopolamine
( Devils Breath), at a time when the CIA was using it for mind
control in covert operations.

At the same time, a Communist coup was taking place in
Czechoslovakia and it was indicated that Italy would be
Communist by popular vote in their current election. America
struck panic mode that Britain, W. Germany and France could
follow suit.

The Russian Communists were generously filling the coffers of the
Italian Communists as the CIA was also contributing to the
Italian Western Christian  Democrats.  A big win for the Democrats
and a win for the CIA's first journey into covert operations.

Congress passed the Central Intelligence 
Agency Act in 1949.   (Same year I got married)

Truman had later lamented that he was afraid of the CIA going
rogue with so much power. Here we go.  The CIA came out a
huge winner from the government with unlimited funds and
exempt from  all federal laws that required any disclosure of
the agency.  An example of their budget in 2013 was 14.7 billion.
And what are they doing with the money?  Who knows.
The CIA mostly works over-seas while the FBI federally
assists in local law enforcement.

Shucks pardner, so there you have a few more tid-bits of recent history.  Feel
free to jump in with more tid-bits.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

As History Takes Place in My Lifetime

Way, way back, when I was a wee one, most countries were in
isolation and didn't mess in each other's politics. The reason
was just sheer distance. Lindbergh's flight to Paris in 1927
(3 years before I was born) was a scary trip made in 33 1/2 hrs.

We all know how flying has changed in the past century.  If
one stands at the edge of Florida, Cuba can almost be seen
but during the years prohibiting travel to Cuba, I know of
people who flew up to Canada and then were able to fly to
Cuba. Take the long way, baby.

Even in 1950, it took me a week to travel to Spain by boat.
Air flight was beginning to be popular but most people
"took to the sea. "  And these were mostly people travelling
for business or for a specific reason,  not the "vacation
cruise" that is popular now.

When I started schooI, it was at a time when we felt safe with
an army of 185,000 men and without any American made
boots on foreign soil.

The Dulles brothers were alive and most likely playing with
their little tin soldiers, planning their adult sordid strategies
but at that time in history, the CIA was not yet in existence
but the OSS was the main intelligence information gatherer.

I find the Dulles boys to be the most evil influence to our
country during my lifetime. When I was in high
school, they had not yet begun grabbing foreign countries for
it's resources, deposing the governments and setting up their
own puppets. Yup, they became masters at it and set the stage
for today's foreign-soil grabs.

We are all living in history. Your grandkids will be reading
about the events that are now taking place during your life
time. I find it hard to understand why so many people are closing
their eyes and ears to what is giving shape to our world right now.

So far, I've lived through 87 years of history and we didn't aways
have this exciting electronic media that gives us instant news.
But we now have dilligent and accurate historians who provide
great sources to help clarify the memory.

I will be prodding my memory for historical events taking
place during my lifetime.

I invite you to join me on this 1st day of 2017