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Monday, April 3, 2017

Attempt at a Blueberry Pie

I am using new baking flour, an ancient non-hybrid wheat
flour known as Einkorn.  This miracle flour is touted to 
possess all the characteristics of the wheat grown when 
I was young, meaning, causing NO WHEAT ALLERGIES.

It makes very sticky dough and working with it takes some practice. I was so
frustrated making this pie that I almost threw the whole thing out but the crust
is most delicious. What I did throw out, was all my old wheat flour and I'm
definitely going to "stick" with this one (pun intended). lol

My previous Einkorn baking experiment was Kefir Sourdough Bread. It took 5 days of
preparation and then I forgot the salt but delicious in-spite-of.

I hated to cook, didn't even like to be in the kitchen but I did appreciate good health.
I came to the realization long ago that if I wanted good health, I'd have to cook.
Now, when I prepare nutritious, healthy food, I actually enjoy being in the
kitchen and I am absolutely in "good health heaven" to have discovered Einkorn
flour. If your cooking/baking is centered around good health, check out this one.


  1. Never even heard of that before. Sounds like the best way to be indeed. Never out that wheat crap in me ever again.

    1. Pat
      I hadn't either. Just ran across the name in my YT surfing. It's horrible what they've done to wheat. I guess it used to be 5 feet tall (when I was young, too but I don't remember the height of wheat) and now it is short, itty bitty stuff. This einkorn is still 5 feet tall.

  2. I used to love to cook and enjoyed good health because of it. Just lately I'm going through a "can't be bothered" phase. Shopping, prepping, cooking, clean up and all for one plate of food that gets eaten in three minutes? sigh. I'll take a break and eat frozen microwave meals for a while. Still with fresh fruit and veg, but raw in salads. No cooking. The cooking mojo will return, it always has before.

    1. River
      Actually, how lucky you are that you naturally liked to cook. I always felt like a bull in a china shop because my mother was neurotic about her kitchen and wouldn't let anyone else come near it. When I got married, I was a complete blank in the kitchen, (Surprise......husband) In fact, his parents owned a restaurant and he had cooked in it SO he taught me the basics of cooking. That whole situation may sound strange but back in those days, we didn't know much about the person we were to marry. One reason was we married so much younger and never lived alone where we had to cook.
      Good luck with the return of the cooking mojo.
      Three minutes?

    2. probably more like thirty three when my attention is on my book.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I want to start living healthier too, but I don't always know how. Good for you for trying something new.

    1. Murees
      But good for you, too, to want to begin with healthy living. I do belive that
      health begins with what we eat but it's very difficult to control when we see all these advertising pictures of heart-attack foods.

  4. When I get back, I'm making a wild blueberry pie. ... This is the Blueberry Pie recipe I use, with a slight modification: I don't put any cinnamon in it. .... never lived down our first, second, and third attempt to make a blueberry pie!!