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Sunday, April 9, 2017

My answer was, "No Way."

I was in Bozeman for my weekly appointment when
a friend came up to me and asked if I heard that Assad
had released a killing gas on his people and there 
were videos all over the internet of Syrian people and
many small children dying from breathing this chemical. 
     "No way," was my response. I do not believe Assad would delibertly release a
deadly gas on his people nor did I believe he was guilty of the same thing four
years ago.  I don't think any country is supposed to be stockpiling that kind of
gas so I guess just having it could be a crime.

It really makes no sense at all but smacks more of False FLAG,  False FLAG.
Everything seems to be just kind of OK now...... no major crises and one fine
morning, Assad just decided to gas some of his people and especially the
children. Nothing tugs at the heart-strings, like watching little kids die and puts
Americans in a war-revenge mood. Some sources even suggested the  videos
were staged.

The next morning I woke up to the news that Trump had ordered an air strike
 on a Syrian air strip as a warning to Assad.  A warning for what? No proof
of anything.  Why so fast?  Is Trump another Allen Dullas and pulled the
wool over everyone's eyes. I would hate to harbor that thought for even a
moment.  It seemed to be common knowledge that the UN wanted Assad out
and Niki Haley was over there condemning Assad.

I saw too much of Allen Dulles' moving into countries where we had no
business to be, ousting Mossadegh from Iran in 1953, followed by deposing
Jacobo Arbenz from Guatemala and always setting up his own puppet
government. False Flags usually anger the people enough to accept our
government going in for the natural resources as the prize. Ha

Trump was so adamant about staying out of Syria on his campaign
promises. I know many Trump supporters who are now fearful that he is
pulling an FDR move.  FDR's campaign promise was that the Mother's
would never see their son's fight on foreign soil. Right. After being
elected, how long did that promise last.

Many of us are praying that this is a one time occurance and that
President Trump will hold fast to his promises. He has always talked
about our countries debt and that little air strike was another 90
million shot up like fireworks. Perhaps I'm not seeing the big
picture, but my gut tells me I am.

I hope history isn't repeating the saying goes.


  1. I don't know who to believe about what's going on, if any of it is even true or not, but I am worried things could escalate into another war. People are so damn jumpy these days.

    1. River,
      I don't know who or what to really believe either but i have learned through-out my lifetime that people are so greedy and will do anything
      for money. They never have enough, in their minds. Governments start wars because wars are great money-makers ( As Pat, below, brings to our attention). As I study history, I realize that most of the wars were finally given full concent by the people because of false flags. The average person is easily duped because they don't read. They have no idea what is going on with governments. It is much easier to follow world happenings today with all our instant forms of media at our finger tips. Half of it may be false information but at least it's all OUT there and we can make our own decisions.

  2. Yep, when everything is quiet they need to start something. That 90 million went up in smoke, but how many contractors and such make money with the war machine back in full tilt? Down payment on future earnings? Sad to think, but that is how greed works. Just look at the whole "weapons of mass destruction" BS that everyone magically forgot about. And if they want him out, isn't that the same crap they are saying is soooooo bad with Russia supposedly helping Trump win? Whether or not that is BS, the US has done it countless times, even to Russia, yet it was A-OK then. Comes back to bite them in the arse and ohhhhh it is sooooo bad. Have to make that enemy. Some big bad for all to get behind though. When really it is no different than some mob boss telling his goons to go whack someone. Goons are told the truth they need to hear to do it or worked through fear. Pfffft all a load of crap.

    If he did really do it, go kill him and leave everyone else alone. But no profit in that.

    1. Pat,
      The contractors really rake in the dough. Whatever side pays them the most is the job they take. What do they care as long as they get paid. I doubt if the Russians helped Trump win. They didn't have to. I really kind of chuckled at what was going on. The concervatives play their cards tight to their chest...... The inner Trump group knew, but no one else. They don't usually demonstrate or rabble-rouse but they were behind Trump in gigantic numbers. It was like a little under ground railroad....... no signs in their yards or shouting or grandstanding. But they had numbers and as far as I can tell, they are all still behind Trump because in his campaigning, he hit a nerve with the middle class. They are the polite people (kinda like Canadians.....LOL) they never make their desires known but here came a man who seemed to know what they wanted and he had a "voice." So I wasn't surprised with the outcome and he needed no help from the Russians.

      Yup Pat, follow the money, as the old saying goes.
      P.S. Do you know any goons for a wack-job? LOL

    2. lol nope, no goons on speed dial

  3. Any more it is hard to believe anything you hear. Kind of took the conversation away from Russia's election involvement didn't it?

    1. Patti
      It happens no matter who is going through the fire at the moment. Replace one lie with another, or something like that. Kinda like the wizard behind the curtain.

  4. I wouldn't want to be a leader of country this time in our history. You read so much what going on in world. Mostly on social media (facebook and such) I'm cutting back for a while.
    Coffee is on

    1. Dora
      Good idea. Sometimes it gets to be much too much and we have to take
      a break from everything. I just hope we can get back to some honesty
      within our government structure.

  5. I couldn't believe it either. I never watch the videos. I'm far too sensitive. I keep thinking the world is falling apart. Even over here things are crazy. I just wish everyone could come to their senses.

    1. Murees
      I read your post when you mentioned what's happening in your country, too. It's awfully enlightening to get that news first-hand because I don't believe any form of the media anymore. I know you would rather not talk aboout it but I just want to let you know that I do find it very interesting when you do. Thanks Murees

  6. I was alarmed, I hate it. I'm still stuck in my wishing-everything-was-rosy sunglasses, but I do know better. I surely do know better.

    1. Rosey
      Are there really "wishing-everything-was-rosey" sunglasses? A good name for glasses for a cute babe named Rosey. You really need sunglasses when you live where the sun shines the brightest. LOL

  7. Nothing would surprise me these days, the only surprise is that Trump took this long to find the big rocket button instead of the Twitter one. The quality of the administration was illustrated today at the news conference about chemical warfare.
    The one he won't go after is the lunatic fruit cake head of North Korea, now there is one that can't wait to drop an atomic bomb on anyone.

    1. JahTeh
      I've seen far too many wars and they are always the same.......they talk's always for liberation from some dictator or save the children but same-O-same-O outcome. A money making machine for the corrupt and it sucks the money from the working middle class.

      I doubt if fruit cup's rockets can reach anywhere, most likely go fizzle in the ocean. He reminds me of Dr. Strangelove so much. He's so young but he must have seen that movie and said, "That is who I want to be." hahaha

  8. Trump was so adamant about staying out of Syria on his campaign promises... Well, that's what politicians do. They make promises, we take the bite, and they flip us the big bird. It's a dirty game. Remember the weapons of mass destruction that were never found?

  9. Blue Man
    It's a crying shame. People really believed in Trump as he talked about the debt and how we should take care of America first. Blow up Syria and make more wandering immigrants, take our tax money and blow it up at a million dollars a pop. Like all the rest. Why does power make people want to enter other countries and destroy?

    There are some interesting political changes to watch, though. Trudeau is definitely making moves to make pot legal in Canada . It makes more sense to me. Another big question, can fruit-cup boy dictator send the nerve gas in a rocket.
    Yeah, "weapons of mass destruction." That phrase began to make everyone sick. A phrase, alone can do it.
    I wish I had more trees so I could just hide out from the world. Trees can supply

  10. Ah yes, the distractions. Trying to take our attention away from the things that will hopefully take him out of office.

  11. Distractions do work. People always like a new gripe.

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