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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Games are Fun

I'm not much of a TV watcher but I do love the
Movie Channel that shows the old movies. My
friend, Joan, watches a daily show called 
Jeopardy. (Which I had never watched)

To understand her fascination with this show, I did watch it once and
then I sent her an answer to a category and she told me the right 
question. I think it's rather a stupid game but I could learn some
things from the show and Lord knows I could use more of that.

Since my fascination is with old movies, I then sent her 4 answers in
the old movie category. She didn't know any of them.  Did I do it wrong?
Category.....old movies
1. Mrs. Wilberforce
2. elderberry wine
3. two youts
4. Wimpole Street

Anyone know the answers?

I grew up in a very small town with one movie theater. During the
depression, the admission price was 5 cents and later, during the war
went up to a dime. It was even difficult to scrape up a nickle but I would
work the skin off my fingers, weeding other people's gardens so I could
go to the movies. 

When the war came, my mother always went to the movies with me.  There
was no TV then but the movie always had a short, "The Eyes and Ears
of the World," that gave the news. It was so necessary that we try to 
keep up with the war news as my father was in the Navy for the full four
years of the war with ships being blown away right under him.  When
the news started, a big picture of the flag was shown and everyone in
the theater stood and sang along with the anthem.  Tears stained the
cheeks of most people and words cannot tell you how precious that
flag was to everyone. I don't think there was a person in our town who's 
life was not touched by that war. 

Then we would watch on screen, the soldiers struggle in the mud with
bombs going off in all direcions, of ships exploding and we always looked 
with a fervent hope that we never see my father's face in that kind of

I can't even talk about NFL ball players who disrespect our flag. 
LIFETIME? The shame that I feel for them is unspeakable. 

WOW that was a trip down a path I wasn't intending to just
got away from me. 

Back to a cheery note.....let's hear it for the movies (not for the 
Hollywood of today) but for those beautiful old movies and 
theaters that are nearly a thing of the past. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Some Thought Patterns

Hello from my other planet. But seriously, 
wouldn't it be grand to have another planet,
like a "vacation planet" to escape the stupidity
that often goes on here?

I have to be careful of what I eat. "Why?" you may ask. Because I used
to be a rattle-brained youth and eat with wild abandon. My selection of
food was poor and now I'm paying for it in playing the game, "save the
 teeth."  It's kinda like the game shows on TV,  just spin a wheel and
 hope for the best.

I'm at my juicer much of the time. Actually, you oldies, it's the only way
to go. Juice it and drink it and all those pretty little enzymes start their
 jobs. Take parsley for example, because it is extremely powerful,  juice
 it with mostly carrot.

Here's a story. I was merrily going along for nearly a week on my
carrot/parsley juice recipe.  Last Friday I noticed a back-ache, mostly
hanging around on my lower right back.  "Ummm, too much heavy
lifting in the yard-work," I thought.  I put the hens in and fed the dog
early (thanks to my intuition) because that pain was rising like Andrew,
to full hurricane level. I started to make preparation for a castor oil
pack but could do nothing but stumble into bed and muffle my screams
in a pillow. I never even knew I had a kidney problem but my instincts
told me,  this is a kidney stone.  Dang, but they do hurt. I did manage
to sleep a little.

Next morning, pain had vanished like buggy whips......completely gone,
and a new vigor flashed through this "once gorgeous" body. (that's a joke,
now laugh). I felt/still feel like I was what?  perhaps 25. If I had been
an allopathic aficionado, I probably would have been in the hospital
all drugged up, but I'm not and I won't and I read a lot.

By the way, I don't just drink juice but it is in additon to my meals, just
in case you go crazy and start frantically juicing.

I wasn't even going to talk about my kidney stone, but what the heck,
it evolved and maybe help someone in the same predicament. I'll save
my other "big story" for later. Can you hardly wait?

Monday, September 4, 2017

Greetings Dear People

I was going to write about something of
value in place of my usual drivel but not
quite yet.  The hens are wanting out of
the coop. What day is this? I guess it's a
holiday for "some people."

Son #1 who lives in Florida, came this direction for the eclipse
and spent some time with me. Actually we worked most of the
time. Three loads of hay bales, hammering and replacing junky
curtain rods, window boxes and he built a beautifl potting
table in the back of my green house. 

I got the juicer out and raised our energy level each morning
by fortifying our bodies with a burst of golden carrot glow. 
Why do I get out of the habit of juicing? I can't say but I do know
I'm going to continue juicing.

I am constantly moving and discarding furniture..... yes still, as
I thought I was down to the nibs. And yet.... another fine mess 
you got us in (shades of Laurel and Hardy ......only old timers
will know who they are...LOL) I need another fridge so I'm turning
the whole first floor into a kitchen. Why not? I do not entertain
any more, no one, ever. Just my kids and very close girlfriends
ever drop in.  I love that idea of a huge kitchen. My idea of 
decorating has always been leaving my basic tools for life sitting
out for all to see. My knitting baskets are sitting out, displaying
vivid colors of yarn, a butter churn, my tools for health, as in
juicer, blender, eng machine and plenty of supplement shelves.

I don't fit in, as others do. Perhaps I did at one time when I would
choose a certain vase to compliment a room but that was short-
lived. Often I feel like a space traveler just here for a visit.  But
aren't we all? 

A lovely time of the year. The leaves of the garden have started
turning crisp and 7 pumpkins of vivid orange emerged from
beneath those gigantic leaves. I love the shape of the Roma
tomatoes as they are also taking on a glow. 

I love my life, I love my roma, I love my dog, I love my 
pick-up, I love my know what I'm talking 

Be kind to one another. Words can sting and leave a ring.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Chop Wood Carry Water

"What did you do before enlightenment?"
Chop wood, carry water
"What did you do after enlightenment?"
Chop wood, carry water

I've always loved my life. I take it as it comes but in reality,
name the other choices. Take last month for example when I
was awakened and tossed from my bed as the walls were weaving.
"Oh crumb, we're having an earthquake," I thought.

 I'm not a nitwit pollyanna who sees the rosey glow in all of
life's little misfortunes.There's plenty of crappola in this world
to moan about, as in,   "Have you had your daily moan today?"

I am sometimes questioned of why I should be happy when
I spent the first 15 years of my life living like a character from
"The Grapes of Wrath." Don't let anyone tell you the Great
Depression lasted only a few years. It ended with WW2. Ask
any one who lived it.

I believe my youth led me to appreciate food, the kind of food
grown in rich humus-filled soil that allows a human body to run
like a well-oiled machine.

That's how I spend my summers..... I GROW A LOT OF MY
OWN FOOD.  Dirty fingernails, sunburn, achy muscles......
I love it all.  Yesterday I had my first vine-ripened tomato and
creamy-white mashed home-grown spuds.

 Apricots from the 3rd apricot tree
are drying in the Excalibur like the beautiful little droplets of
Laetrile.  My pole bean's tendriles are reaching out for
more poles to grab. Two pumpkins have already reached  a
vibrant orange color and a few water melons are ready for a
picnic. The cherries ripened early but I was so busy I gave them
to a friend for jam.  Apples on the tree. Last year I made apple
cider.  A few plums high on the tree but not too many this
year. I was a little late with the swiss chard but it's
on it's way.

Growing and sharing my food is one of the things that makes
me very happy and healthy. Life is so simple but also a
mysterious miracle.

But, you may ask, "what do you do when the cold winter comes?"

Note to my blogging friends........I appologize for my absence
this summer as I fall into bed, too pooped to lift a finger on the
computer.  Just a little more to harvest and I'll return. CHEERS

Monday, June 19, 2017

I Love my......

I just shot holes in my resolution to post each Monday. 
My friend, Marilyn, was visiting and I think we've
kept one complete chatter going for 60 years. 
If you recall, Marilyn is training for a triathlon so we quickly develope a
schedule around her training. I am so supportive of her athletic training that it
is my pleasure to change my routine while she is here.

We have never had a cross word for the other and we can break into a song
and dance on a second's notice. (no kidding).  We talk on and on about so
many subjects but everything is upbeat. This visit we revived the old popular
video of the little girl (who is now a grown woman) jumping up on a chair
and telling of the things she loved, which is everything. "I love my hair, I
love my house, I love my Mom"..... etc. If we mentioned a new subject, we
went into a new tirade about what we loved. How could anyone ever feel
sad when telling of everything we love.

After our early morning coffee and chat and laughter, Marilyn would take
off for the Y in the old pickup (she loves to drive it as much as I do) and I
would tend to my chicken chores and work in the gardens. Then, in the
early twilight hours, 2 old broads still had a flicker of energy to climb the
mountain with Lily.

The days set a record for flying by and soon we were packing Marilyn's van
for her drive to visit her daughter in Sun Valley. I sent her daughter (my
godchild) bounty from my greenhouse, fresh eggs and some of the
condiments we made. The dynamite mustard we made using some berry
wine I just bottled, that will knock your socks off, (and your boots)......
is a definite winner. Making mustard is a true art. We should have a "mustard
cook off or bake off or whatever it can be called. Ha

I watched the tail lights of Marilyn's van disappear down the road and my
life is back to my alone routine, but I still have Lily to share it.  "I love my
dog, I love my hollyhocks, I love my mustard, I love my hoe, I love my
peppers.....I love my.......SEE.... isn't life more grand when you love

Monday, May 22, 2017


Why is it, when portraying a group of inebriated men, they 
are often singing in harmony,  "There's a Long, Long trail
Winding, Into the Land of My Dreams?"
(WOW....that is a discombobulated sentence but did you get the gist?)
I mean in old movies, re-runs, etc.

To the precious, illustrious delight of my soul, MASH re-runs are being shown
on TV in the late afternoon. I truly, truly, truly love MASH, my most favorite TV
series ever and forever and even after that.

Yesterday, Hawkeye, BJ and Colonel Potter were drinking their home-made hootch
and of course, singing in sweet harmony the "Long, Long Trail...." song.

In my circle of acquaintences and friends, I am the only person who has this
passion for MASH. This fact made me ponder the "why am I always on the other
side of the fence" question. Truthfully, I didn't come up with a bona fide answer
but I did come up with an answer as to why Col. Potter was my favorite
commander of the 4077.  Col. Potter's character is honesty to a fault, like a
Sagittarius.  He was a fun rounder with the boys but treated his wife and
women in general, with extreme high esteem.

Of course, I just described my husband. In all the years we were married I
honestly never once heard him use any words of profanity, not even a little
hell, or damn. comes the day he had his buddies over
and they were in the living room as I came back from shopping and entered
by way the back door.
As I was putting away groceries I could hear their voices and laughter
swelling with each joke they told.  Oh my goodness, I could hear my husband's
voice tossing around the f-word, telling bawdy stories, being one of the boys.
It's called "locker room talk" and I sneaked out of the house and never told
him I had been there.

Reminds me a little of the "shock" of some women over a Trump smut word.
"Why my husband would never say that," they deny with a smirk.  Oh yeah,
babe, think again. Those are my ideal men because they are real men.

OK, so I wandered off the subject again. Big deal. I'll have my Turkish coffee,
get all buzzed up,  take the old pick-up to get 20 bags of fertilizer so I'll be free
 to watch a couple episodes of MASH later on today.
Life is good.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

I did like the movie "Forest Gump" and I recently
thought of the phrase he used, "Life is like a box
of chocolates. You never know what you'll get."

I often think of that when I see a new born little baby. The parents are so
shiny-eyed with the grand expectations for this little bundle of humanity.
But it doesn't always turn out that their dreams are realized. It seems to me
I heard that one out of 50 babies is expected to be autistic. That is un-
believably high. Don't hit me over the head if I'm wrong on that number.

This short post isn't going to be a "downer." I don't care for downers.
What's the opposite, "Uppers?" I like uppers. Even though Forest was in
the "so-called slow category," his mother wouldn't allow him to be
treated in any manner that was different from any other kid. Then Forest
went on to have all these wonderful experiences in life.

When you think about that box of chocolates, everyone gets excited over
the anticipation of choosing something that will taste especially sweet
but what it really is, will not be known until we take that first bite.  It's
iteresting to watch a person's hand wander over the top of all those
yummy looking pieces of chocolate nestled in their little wrapper bed,
just hoping the fingers will pick up the one they like.

What if we don't like the chocolate we pick. Well, that's tough.
Here's hoping we got just the piece we wanted.