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Monday, January 23, 2017

Rerun Time

Women are at it again. They want to be heard (I guess)
so they brought in the big guns or old guns, namely
Gloria Steinem, age 82, in..... back to the 60's.

Are things better,  are women happy?  I guess not because I hear the same ole
complaints. It's like a re-run for me and I didn't fall for it the first time.

I'm going to try to make this brief, but don't believe me, look it up

In the 60's, Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA and her mission was
to promote feminism, break up the American families and get women
yearning after mundane jobs while all the while, she was boinking
Henry Kissinger, then Sec. of State under Nixon.  Of course that was
the part the media tried to keep under the rose.

Kissinger was strongly blamed for taking an active part in the bombing
and killing of the innocent Cambodians.

Here's the plan as I could see it and it takes quite a few years to put
it all together. (and I've had the years)

Tear apart the family structure, introduce 
cocaine to the kids, emphasize abortion, one-
parent families make for lonely kids who
can become easily duped. 

Then it became time to open the borders and
and let in the large Islamic famlies. After 
several generations, the Americans would be
totally outnumbered and brought to their knees. 

The agenda of the NWO. Look that one up too.
They do tell you ahead of time what to expect.  

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wheeee.....Look at us go

Lately I'm hearing words floating around me, such as, "health care,
affordable health and other words with the word "health" attached.
As I see it, it's mostly said by people who are sick, in fact, dying
so why do they attach the word health to it?

So I say to myself, "Dummy-self, it's Western medicine.  Get It?"
Yeah now I do. It's the high-priced poison they entered into the
Merck Manual when they removed all the natural remedies that
we already had in our cupboards or growing wild in our
backyards.  Oh yeah, right.  Finish big conversation with myself.

I'm not a real hard-nose about all Western medicine, in fact  a
western medical doctor recently put a cast on my broken arm.
It's a wonderful thing for acute medical needs; for accidents and
sudden life-threatening rips and tears to a body.

My arm was giving me pain at night and I couldn't sleep. The
medical people were ready with Rx pad and pen in hand, ready to
write out something for me to take to the pharmacy. I asked if
they would OK a medical cannabis card for me.  After much
hemming and hawing and "we'll get back to you, I never heard
from them BUT a small jar of the oil suddenly appeared beside
my bed and it worked like a miracle charm. Thank you Fairy
Godmother, and with the relief of pain, I could get a good night's

So you are asking what I do when I'm sick. (maybe) I'm really
never sick..... hardly ever in my life. Yes, there's the usual wear
and tear on the organs because they've been busy quite a number
of years. I use mostl Eastern medicine and quite a lot of medical
mushrooms. (that is not the psychedelic ones).  It just kinda keeps
me healthy.

A lot of the Chinese formulas include herbs that restore color to
hair. He Shou Wu is one such herb that is used in many formulas.
I used to put a brown henna on my hair but haven't in over a year.  I
kept noticing in the mirror that my hair was looking darker and the new
growth of hair coming in around my forehead was black. Get this,
my hair, all over my head, is dark, dark.... almost black.  I feel
enbarrassed now, as I know people are saying, "Look at that old
broad, dying her hair so witchy black." No kidding, it's for real.

I've probably been overdoing it (but for my liver and not hair) as I
was going for a teaspoon but just did a guess chug-a-lug.

I do sincerely  hope all you users of western medicine can get your
health ins, at a reasonable price and I drink to your good health.
(I'm sipping an eastern tea) and I'm not making fun of western
medicine. I use it myself when there's an acute need.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Birth of the CIA

Are intelligence agencies in the habit of 
election interventions? We'll see.

After the two world wars, Americans were ready to have the
country return to normalcy,  meaning back to their isolation
again. Truman saw no need for peacetime espionage and
information gathering so in 1945 he disbanded the OSS (Office of
Strategic Service).

New and faster modes of travel made the world a little smaller
and it was soon apparent that America DID need an intelligence
service so the CIA was born in 1948.  At that time I was in
psychiatric nurses training and we were using the plant Scopolamine
( Devils Breath), at a time when the CIA was using it for mind
control in covert operations.

At the same time, a Communist coup was taking place in
Czechoslovakia and it was indicated that Italy would be
Communist by popular vote in their current election. America
struck panic mode that Britain, W. Germany and France could
follow suit.

The Russian Communists were generously filling the coffers of the
Italian Communists as the CIA was also contributing to the
Italian Western Christian  Democrats.  A big win for the Democrats
and a win for the CIA's first journey into covert operations.

Congress passed the Central Intelligence 
Agency Act in 1949.   (Same year I got married)

Truman had later lamented that he was afraid of the CIA going
rogue with so much power. Here we go.  The CIA came out a
huge winner from the government with unlimited funds and
exempt from  all federal laws that required any disclosure of
the agency.  An example of their budget in 2013 was 14.7 billion.
And what are they doing with the money?  Who knows.
The CIA mostly works over-seas while the FBI federally
assists in local law enforcement.

Shucks pardner, so there you have a few more tid-bits of recent history.  Feel
free to jump in with more tid-bits.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

As History Takes Place in My Lifetime

Way, way back, when I was a wee one, most countries were in
isolation and didn't mess in each other's politics. The reason
was just sheer distance. Lindbergh's flight to Paris in 1927
(3 years before I was born) was a scary trip made in 33 1/2 hrs.

We all know how flying has changed in the past century.  If
one stands at the edge of Florida, Cuba can almost be seen
but during the years prohibiting travel to Cuba, I know of
people who flew up to Canada and then were able to fly to
Cuba. Take the long way, baby.

Even in 1950, it took me a week to travel to Spain by boat.
Air flight was beginning to be popular but most people
"took to the sea. "  And these were mostly people travelling
for business or for a specific reason,  not the "vacation
cruise" that is popular now.

When I started schooI, it was at a time when we felt safe with
an army of 185,000 men and without any American made
boots on foreign soil.

The Dulles brothers were alive and most likely playing with
their little tin soldiers, planning their adult sordid strategies
but at that time in history, the CIA was not yet in existence
but the OSS was the main intelligence information gatherer.

I find the Dulles boys to be the most evil influence to our
country during my lifetime. When I was in high
school, they had not yet begun grabbing foreign countries for
it's resources, deposing the governments and setting up their
own puppets. Yup, they became masters at it and set the stage
for today's foreign-soil grabs.

We are all living in history. Your grandkids will be reading
about the events that are now taking place during your life
time. I find it hard to understand why so many people are closing
their eyes and ears to what is giving shape to our world right now.

So far, I've lived through 87 years of history and we didn't aways
have this exciting electronic media that gives us instant news.
But we now have dilligent and accurate historians who provide
great sources to help clarify the memory.

I will be prodding my memory for historical events taking
place during my lifetime.

I invite you to join me on this 1st day of 2017

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Some Changes

Perhaps you've noticed that lately I've been "ho-hum" about blogging.

At first I wanted a new name for my blog. For years it had been "Wanna
Buy a Duck" by Manzanita. The duck part had been kinda stupidly
whimsical and Manzanita was my stage name from my flamenco
dancing days.  Boring and more boring.  Add those two together and
you come up with "A Most Very Boring Blog." That would have been a
good name for it.

But I got rid of the name of the blog and fake name in one flat-fell
swoop. Belva Block (my own name) took care of both. So much for labels
BUT what about the cutesy weiwtsy boring blog content?

I gave it some long thought. Was a year long enough cause I'm ONE slow
thinker and finally came to the conclusion that my blog was a piece of
crap. It was so juvenile that I couldn't even stand to read it.  I now
thank all of the kind long-suffering people who stayed with me......"in
spite of. " Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My conclusion..........
I will write about what is of interest to ME and since I am often
labeled WEIRD,  it may be of NO absolute interest to anyone else.

What then?  Well it could become just my own little diary.
I must stop because my favorite radio talk show guy is on now.
Oh, that would be Mark Steyne.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

PLEASE....No I'm sorry's

I still cry at the mention of my Cody dog so I really don't want to go there
again. I spent the greater part of the summer in deep mourning and I couldn't
stop crying. My 14 year old Aussie was my constant companion and every
thing was a reminder. I couldn't even drive my car or the old truck because
she had always been right there beside me.

Some of you will understand this deep feeling of loss for a dog and other's
may not. When one lives alone, a dog can replace the lack of human
companionship and this may sound odd but I really never realized it was
happening and suddenly that silent loneliness settled in.

I locked the gates and barricaded myself in my gardens and to add to my
tears, a passer-by asked me where my dog was and then recommended I
read "Racing in the Rain." I did and that was just an extention to my
mourning period.

No more dogs, I vowed.  I never want to go through this again. But then I
saw this litter of Aussie puppies.  NO, NO, NO...... not a  PUPPY.  They
bite, they chew, they pee, they cry..... all that training....absolutely "NO."

But my whole family supported me and we went "en masse" to pick up
Lily. Cute, cute, cute. Is there anything more adorable than a puppy?
She did all the above messy puppy stuff but now that she is going into
her 9th month, I can see the glimmer of the smart dog she will be.   Of
course I've always loved herding dogs and I'm prejudiced when I say
the smartest and already I can see "agility dog."

When I first brought that little thing home, I told myself I should return
her immediately because there was no love left in me. It wasn't fair to
someone that tiny ......and damn it...... now I'm really crying again.

BUT .....Lily needs me and I need her as that bond of love is growing
stronger every day. feels so good to be needed again.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Let's Remember

I used to sing a song about "Remembering Pearl Harbor' when I was
11 years. I do remember but I bet I may be nearly the only person who
remembers that particular Sunday morning.

     Let's remember Pearl Harbor as we go to meet the foe
     Let's remember Pearl Harbor as we do the Alamo
     We will always remember how they died for liberty
     Let's remember Pearl Harbor and go on to victory
     (drum roll as it was a kind of a marchine song)

Enough said about something that happened 75 years ago.  We have
other problems today.


Twice this week, while outdoors, I heard a chorus of honking
from up above. I just stood quietly in awe, watching the perfect
formations of flying geese. Canadian Honkers, I guess you would
call them, as several V formations darkened the space directly
above me. much joy in freedom of flight. There
is nothing more beautiful than flapping wings, seperated by
precise spacing.

I always wonder how they came to know how to do
this and who was the smart bird to invent the whole process.
This time I went in the house and looked it up online but I found
out that knowing the science behind it took away a bit of the
mystique.  I ran into words like down/up wash and drag force and
I really didn't need that much information.

It just seemed to detract from the wonderment of it all and I'm
happy with certain things remaining a mystery.