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Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Boot Lace

Last autumn, before I had little PI, Lil
and I journed up the mountain for our
daily hike. 

It is a popular hiking trail and I often run into strangers along
the way. My attention drifted to an elderly Indian woman who had
been walking off the path among the weeds and shrubbery and would
suddenly stop, say a little chant and collect a piece of plant or
twig and place it gently in a worn should-strap straw basket.

As I watched her bend over a certain plant, the should-strap broke
and spilled the contents of the dilapated old bag. I went over to her
and offered assistance in gathering the bag's contents, of which
there were even some small rocks. Well, no wonder the strap broke.

She seemed to be very grateful for the help and it turned out the
bag was almost too heavy to carry in her arms. As I sat down on a
rock and started untieing my leather hiking boot lace, I said, " I
have an idea, " This boot lace is strong and perhaps we can weave
 the strap together again.

She objected that I give up my boot lace, but I assured her I was
nearing the end of my hike and I'd be home soon. It was her deft
fingers that interlaced the leather to the strap and it was soon
strong once more.

She appeared very grateful and assured me she would repay my
kindness. I told her it was "NO PROBLEM" as I continued my
trek down the trail with my boot tongue flapping in the dirt.

She appeared to be so interesting that I wanted to meet with 
her again and for the remainder of the summer I described her
to stranger I met and asked if they knew her. 

One couple said they knew "of" her but warned me to stay away
from her because she was a "witch" and could do both "good
and bad medicine." Well, I laughed at that and as winter approached,
I had to stay off the snowy, slippery mountain.

Just last week after several days of bright sunshine and higher
temps, I couldn't wait any longer and was inspecting the lower
muddy trail of the mountain.

There she was as if she suddenly appeared
from out of nowhere, the same weathered old
straw bag hanging from her arm and holy
moly, my boot lace was still holding it 

We chatted a few minuted like we were old friends, asking how our
winter went and entering into various little non-personal tid-bits of
conversation. She then said something that set me back on my
hiking boots-with-the -new-laces, heels.  She told me how grateful
she was for my kindness and that she had put a spell on some  "bad"
people who had wronged me. I know I gave a little nervous laugh
and said something like, "You didn't have to do that." (yeah, right)

But she had already started on her way and I doubt if she heard me.
I called the muddy dogs to me and we started for home.

I kept wondering if there was anyone in my crosshairs and what she
meant "by a spell."

So if there is, better watch out........No No...only kidding........
(I think)


  1. Ha! I'll e-mail you what I thought of first. :)

    I think it's wonderful that you helped her, and that the strap is still holding up!

  2. We probably think alike and leather is very strong. I'll be happy to hear from you. I have missed you.

    1. Just e-mailed you, and I missed you too! :)

    2. Rosey
      I'll have a look from a "looker." That's an old word from Grandma Lucille's time.

  3. Dang, do you suppose she missed her mark and nailed me:)) Kidding. Good to know the witch is on your side.

    1. Patti
      Well, I guess a little leather won't hurt, either.....LOL

  4. lmao I snickered while reading that you should stay away because she's a witch. Did you time travel back to the dark ages? Should the cat look over his shoulder? He does have a rather smart little rhyming ass haha But hey, if the spell works on Rat Face people, no harm in it.

  5. Pat
    Just recently I heard someone say they had a hex put on them. Hex, spell...... must be the same. Some weird people live in Montana. The unibomber lived about 20 miles from me..... I never knew. That was outside of Lincoln, Mt. and so was my ranch. Everyone who knew him said he was a nice polite guy when he came into town. Give that some thought.
    That's salt you toss over your shoulder. LOL Preferably Himalayan

    That old black magic has me in a spell
    That old black magic that I know so well
    Icy fingers up and down my spine

  6. Our hiking trails is a mix of snow and mud.
    Coffee is on

    1. Dora
      It's that mess prelude to spring. I still have some huge snow drifts in my yard but yet, in some gardens next to the heat-leaky old house, I notice some snapdragons and pansies from last year, are actually wanting to flower. (That is where my high-price heat goes). LOL

  7. Sounds like your guardian angel has come to earth to protect you.
    Using the boot lace was a great idea, saves her having to weave a whole new strap or maybe a whole new basket if it is woven as a whole with the strap. I'm glad you met up again.

    1. River
      Yes, I guess it happens, although I've never had any hint of having a guardian angel before. I bet if one really gave it some thought, leather shoe laces would serve for all kinds of uses when out in the wilderness, away from home and people. If lost and starving, one could use it as a string snare. I've seen the snares used on YT. If one had water available and a knife, people could survive, although I'd miss my epsom salt baths.

  8. Now I have to go back and see if I have left any nasty comments on any of your posts. I don't think OUCH! that I OUCH! have.

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  10. That is quite a story. "She told me how grateful
    she was for my kindness and that she had put a spell on some "bad"
    people who had wronged me. I know I gave a little nervous laugh
    and said something like, "You didn't have to do that." (yeah, right)" I like the yeah-right part. :)

  11. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..

  12. Lovely post... i am so glad you mentioned a elderly Indian woman in your post... :)

  13. Are you hiding away
    At your bay?
    No internet in the sticks?
    Kidnapped by hicks?

    1. Yep, she's hiding. Basking in the sun, too. Looking after Blue's plant. Dancing a bit. Yoga. Telling Blue about Ted Baker suits being on sale.

  14. Ha--she's a witch/magician, but she can't do a spell to fix her broken bag strap! Gotta love that.

  15. Just swinging over to say hello and wish you a Happy July. :)

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