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Monday, February 19, 2018

Here We Are

 Here we are......The weather outside is frightful 
but the fire is so delightful and since there's no
place to go.....let it snow (rpt. 2X").  Words from an
old song that no one knows anyway.

My mailman says this is the worst winter of the 32 years he's worked.
Yesterday, I just gave up. I even said it out loud...... "I give up...... no more
shoveling or driving.  Depression babies are the original "preppers" and I
actually haven't been to a store for at least two months. I can even easily make
it into spring.

I suppose some of you are wondering how long I prepare for this. I don't.
D. babies are just natural hoarders. I have one room upstairs that I use
for (ahem) extras. Fresh fruit for my morning smoothie can be a bit of a
problem but I have learned how to ferment blueberries and pears. I
grow flats of microgreens and have many jars of various seeds. Potatoes,
carrots and turnips keep well in the cellar. The onions do well in the front
porch but will freeze in the back porch. Fifteen lbs. of organic oats from
Wisconsin, alone could keep one going all winter. I actually ferment that
too, with kefir.... yum and finally cook it in a crockpot.  There is a good
supply of Einkorn flour. Also bags of brown rice for the pups along with
their bags of food but Amazon prime will deliver quickly if needed.
The freezer hold their hamburger and bacon but in weather like this I
could just as easily put their meat on the back porch. LOL

Fresh organic eggs from the chickens and the tool shed has a good supply
of organic chicken feed. The hay shed is brimming with the sweet smell
of grass hay. When I put new hay in the coop, the hens love to peck through
it for seeds. Sorry chicks, it's the nearest thing to free range that you'll
get in the winter weather.

Everything is organic..... no GMO's. I even make my condiments. My
fermented catsup is dynamite.

The dogs get exercise from a treadmill. The poor little pups can't even
walk in the yard. They sorta "hop and lunge through the deep snow.

Am I bored? Never.... I learned how to make wifi from a wire coat hanger
and also how to make my own TV antenna. Ha..... maybe now I
can get rid of that expensive cable bundle.

If you stuck with me this long,  congratulations.
It's a boring subject but actually I love winter.  I could do with a warm day
once a week. By warm I mean anything above 32 deg. Yes, I'd settle for that.

18 below forecast for tonight. I have to turn on the 2nd heat lamp in
the chicken coop in spite of the fact that the coop is pretty well insulated.
Why don't I move to a warmer climate? I did live in
Florida for 25 years and I far prefer this to hurricanes and snakes.
I don't mean for this to sound like I'm complaining...... just showing
some of you what it's like to live in a snow country.

Marilyn's mother's motto was "Make your own sunshine." In case some
of you don't know, Marilyn is my best friend of over 60 years.  She
is the oldest of ten kids. I often mention her.

Take care of yourself, stay clear of the flu and make sunshine.


  1. I love the winter and snow, but I wouldn't survive in your environment.

    1. joeh
      Got news for you. You COULD survive if you had to. I see that pioneering spirit peeking out every once in a while. LOL

  2. words from an old song that nobody knows? Not true. I know all the words and love the song. I have Trisha Yearwood's version on my mp3 players.
    It's about 93 degrees here today, you should come on down and get warmed up a bit.

    1. River
      You amaze me. I know you are younger than I am but you know all the songs, events and movies that I do. I've always wanted to visit Australia and I know I could still do it but I also know my traveling days are over.
      As I told you before I watch that vlog, Jamie and Nikki and I can see many of the cities in Australia as he travels on the vlog. They live in Melbourne (I think)

  3. I'd be going nuts with that much snow, especially since I have to leave the house for work. That is awesome that you don't have to rely on any store and can last for months on end, not that I didn't know that already. Poor pups can't get out and play, that stinks. It's actually been the best winter here in decades, like 3 snow storms, if that. Fine by me. I'd take some snow over killer snakes and super duper heat of Florida summers though. Can get your own wifi? You swiping it off a neighbor? lol

    1. Pat
      You have to slip and slide when you go out, too. Weather has been really creepy this year but I'm glad yours has been mild. Marilyn lives in Colorado, practically our neighbor and they've had many days in the seventies while we are way below zero. We had one of those winters once a few years back and I saw flying bugs in Feb which is very strange for us. I'm sure it's the chemtrails and not "global warming. "But I'm not going there, Thank god, you are saying. LOL I'll just say, "Enjoy the heck out of
      your mild winter."
      Yeah, I'd just be stealing from the neighbors, I won't really do it. I'm not that good at it, anyway. hahahaha I never did make a good crook.

    2. So you tried to be a crook? You made a bad one? Geez. Gotta love the chemtrails as you suck them up haha Weather sure is weird this year indeed.

  4. Like joeh, I love winter and crave more snow than we get but not sure I could survive like you do. You are a person is prepared and who makes do with a smile. Kudos.

    1. Patti
      Yeah and like joeh, I know you could survive if you had to. But you are smarter than I am, you chose a great climate to live in. I once thought about moving to Arkansas. I had a good friend who lived there and after my husband died, kept wanting me to move there, It's so beautiful and I really gave it some thought BUT I'm still in Montana. My friend was older than I and she died but it would have been fun.
      That was a nice thing you said about me and I actually think the same about you.

  5. BELVA ~

    >>... Marilyn's mother's motto was "Make your own sunshine."

    I'm more of a "Make your own Moonshine" kind of guy.

    Belva, years ago, I came up with the following saying:

    William Holden was what men were back when men were men.

    But today I would say:

    Belva Block is what Americans were back when Americans were American!

    I mean, the self-reliance, the toughness, the can-do attitude. You are my new hero! I wanna be YOU when I grow up (if I must grow up).

    Seriously, I'm kind of in awe. You remind me of a Bocephus song that I love:

    [Link> A Country Boy (or Girl) Can Survive

    What this country needs is more Belvas! You put me to shame. (When the You-Know-What hits the fan, I know whose house I'm going to! :o)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...

  6. We don't get really extreme winters here.

  7. I'm just the opposite. I love Florida, and just do not like winter at all. Give me hurricanes and snakes any day over snow and ice. ;) :) Glad you're keeping warm and have everything well stocked!

  8. I love that song! See, now it's going to be today's brain worm. I just know it. Anyway, hearing this tune all days beats the idea of hurricanes and snakes.

    P.S. I love the way you say ahem :)

  9. I LOVE winter!! The most magical time of the year.

  10. Super cute!!! Thank you for joining us at Love to Scrap, good luck!!!


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