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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Time, time, where art thou, Time
Wait for me, I'm in my prime

Time, time why go so slow
Look at me, I want to grow

Time, time, I'm old but wise
Wait for me, I want my surprise

We all have our own bugaboos starring us in the face. Is
patience supposed to be a virtue? Well, not with me. I
want it now, better yet, yesterday.  A daughter just
said to me, " Mom, you have to be patient." No, no
I want my Rome built in a day.

Did you ever decide in mid-sprin to build a small
fence? Lucky you, if you get it in during that same year.
Winter's frozen ground doesn't make for good fencing
so build fences in the summer, or not at all.  I believe
everyone in town is wanting a fence built right now.

It's just a tiny fence, one straight piece of fencing to
build a small corner dog run for people who visit and bring
their dogs. I've given the greater portion of the yard to the
chickens and I'm actually building country gardens around
the chickens. It's their's, all of it and no strange dogs allowed.

My idea of peace and tranquility has always been watching
an assortment of fat hens, scratching and pecking for bugs
in a garden of brilliant blooms. I do have that pastoral scene
so I will seek my patience there. (I hope)