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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Co-ink-e-dink or what?

It's spring (yay) and I'm working my butt off, making some major
changes in my yard.

Is there a direct link to spring, nature, faith and miracles? I don't
know. You be the judge.

Being a crusty old Broad,  I lost my faith long ago but recently,
after seeing the movie "Miracles from Heaven, I said I was going
 to believe in miracles again. When I told  friends I was going to
believe in miracles they laughed. Ha ha, big joke.

I couldn't lift the heavy hay bales that were the winter insulation
around the chicken coop so I was going to call a shelter, God's Love,
where there were usually some willing residents looking for a
quick job and a few bucks.

When I called, I asked if anyone there wanted some work. The
man on the phone said he would do some work. I told him I'd
pick him up because usually, these guys don't own cars. He said
he had his own transportation, address given, names exchanged
and he would be by in an hour.

 The young man was prompt, very presentable and articulate.
I showed him the small work project and he said, "We've never
had a call like your's before."  He began questioning me a little.

During that brief conversation, it turned out I had mistakenly
called Godfather's Pizza.  He was the supervisor, proud father
 of a new baby and looking to make some extra cash. He
was really bewildered why a lady would call Godfather's
Pizza for someone to move hay bales. Actually, so was I.

That mistaken phone call was beneficial for both of us.
uummm Miracle?????  Or just a clumsy dialer???