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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Co-ink-e-dink or what?

It's spring (yay) and I'm working my butt off, making some major
changes in my yard.

Is there a direct link to spring, nature, faith and miracles? I don't
know. You be the judge.

Being a crusty old Broad,  I lost my faith long ago but recently,
after seeing the movie "Miracles from Heaven, I said I was going
 to believe in miracles again. When I told  friends I was going to
believe in miracles they laughed. Ha ha, big joke.

I couldn't lift the heavy hay bales that were the winter insulation
around the chicken coop so I was going to call a shelter, God's Love,
where there were usually some willing residents looking for a
quick job and a few bucks.

When I called, I asked if anyone there wanted some work. The
man on the phone said he would do some work. I told him I'd
pick him up because usually, these guys don't own cars. He said
he had his own transportation, address given, names exchanged
and he would be by in an hour.

 The young man was prompt, very presentable and articulate.
I showed him the small work project and he said, "We've never
had a call like your's before."  He began questioning me a little.

During that brief conversation, it turned out I had mistakenly
called Godfather's Pizza.  He was the supervisor, proud father
 of a new baby and looking to make some extra cash. He
was really bewildered why a lady would call Godfather's
Pizza for someone to move hay bales. Actually, so was I.

That mistaken phone call was beneficial for both of us.
uummm Miracle?????  Or just a clumsy dialer???


  1. Look at you go with a new show
    The ducks all sold and you got your gold?
    Wanna Buy a Miracle now and get maybe a cow?
    Would buying count by any amount?
    Miracles happen far and near but few get a cheer
    Of course some we just read too much into at our zoo
    I'd go with Serendipity this time with your wrong dial chime

    1. Pat
      The ducks are gone, they flew the coop
      They all flew south in loop-de-loop
      They didn't return, they live in Bora
      Now they enjoy the fern and flora
      I'll send a post saying Cat is coming
      He'll end the northern city-slumming
      He'll leave behind his sand-box too
      Cause Bora's really one big loo

    2. Aha! You're a friend of The Cat. Well, nice to meet you.

    3. Aha! You're a friend of The Cat. Well, nice to meet you.

    4. You already met
      Blue guy's eyes aren't set yet

    5. So true
      I need to stop sniffin' that blue suede shoe
      Manzi got me there
      Sure did make me stare

    6. Many people knew my names
      But I'm not up to playing games
      If that turned out to be the case
      Some may think I'm off my base
      Adventure seems to call once more
      But what the hell is next in store?
      I see goodness everywhere
      Like a gulp of new fresh air
      I love old age, the best part yet
      No one ever needs to fret
      Just live it out like Stan and Ollie
      I'll be myself and skip the folly

  2. I was wondering what happened. So, let me reiterate Pat: look at you with your new show!
    What a cool story.
    By the way, I consider it a miracle that I can still touch my toes.

    1. Al
      Touch your toes
      Be twinkle-toes
      On Major Bows
      Bet no one knows what that is....LOL

    2. I tried touching my toes, but I passed out.
      Then bonked my head on the dog.

    3. I tried touching my toes, but I passed out.
      Then bonked my head on the dog.

    4. I hope it was a nice big furry dog. Saves a big
      headache later on.

      Can someone tell me why the comments come up double.
      Do I have it set wrong or what? ? ? Old broads and computers
      are NOT compatible.

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  4. Hilarious! Good job you didn't call the funeral home. I feel I can say that as I'm over 60!

    1. Around My Kitchen Table
      60???? Wanna trade? Life is just beginning LOL
      Funeral Home.....hahaha ....Listen sweetie, when one
      gets to be my age, it's just something good to joke
      about. I hope you have wonderful conversations
      around your kitchen table.

  5. To answer you question, it was both! Miracles are easy to believe it when it's all around us. Life... on this tiny ball of dirt drifting through an unimaginably huge expanse of space... that's a miracle!

    1. Bish
      You are so right. I've just never thought of happenings as
      being miracles. I'm gonna change my way of liv"n and if that
      ain't enough, I'm even gonna change the way I strut mah stuff.
      Nobody want you when you're old and gray...... Do you remember
      that song? Not that you are old enough to remember.... I just
      thought perhaps you had heard it. Hahaha

  6. To answer you question, it was both! Miracles are easy to believe it when it's all around us. Life... on this tiny ball of dirt drifting through an unimaginably huge expanse of space... that's a miracle!

  7. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. What a delightful post this is!! You could sell this to Reader's Digest. Seriously.

    1. Patti
      I always stop by.... for years. You know, Manzi.
      Thanks for the story compliment. It was so strange....
      Godfather's Pizza. Take care and see ya later.

  8. we are breathing in miracles dear from life to death each thing we see is a miracle because our creator has brought these to us so how we can deny them,if dig little you are surrounded by it ,to believe it you need to have faith and grave look

    1. Balli
      Thank you for the miracle words. I do know I've always thought birth, itself is some kind of a miracle. To produce that perfect baby with a heart that beats and organs that all work together. But then, I watch people abuse that body and it grows frail and withers away. Now it's much harder to keep that body bright and shiny when poisons are everywhere. The miracle grows dimmer.

  9. Maybe an Angel dialed for you and led you to someone in need of help. There is definitely nothing wrong in believing in miracles. Life would be rather dull if we all thought the same way. It is so nice to meet you, Belva. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I am definitely returning the favor.

    1. Murees
      I remember years ago when I did the course of "Expect a Miracle" or something of that name. All I remember about it was that it was very
      badly edited with so many mistakes that it was difficult to read. But it's
      kind of comforting to think that an angel dialed my phone.

      Thanks Murees

  10. Miracle? Yes. It's said God does work in mysterious ways. And so do miracles.
    Thank you for dropping in at Drifting.

    1. River
      That was my first miracle since my new "miracle watch." I will watch
      for more. Perhaps I've already passed by miracles and never noticed.
      The grass is turning green here, as you prepare for winter. See, more

  11. Well look at you go with your new blog and new look. I think you have told me about these guys you get to work for you before.
    I hurt my back working my butt off in my yard..... LOVE YOU!!!

    1. Terry
      Yeah, but the pizza guy is even better .... a far better worker and not all
      strung out on drugs. Probably just pizza. Ha
      Hope your back recovers soon so you can get out into your garden. Am I
      supposed to cut those tall clumps of grass.....You said you cut them in the fall but I never have. Are the existing ones dead and gone once they look
      like straw?
      Get well and perky... love you

  12. What good luck you never know what will happen when you ring a pizza place.

    1. Merle
      I guess it's a great place to get workers. Probably better than Craig's List.

  13. This made my morning! This may be the funniest accidental phone call ever :) a miracle indeed. Did he bring you a pizza??

    1. Good Morning Keith
      It was bewildering, to say the least. I just kept shaking my head and
      laughing. Now if I can just phone up a carpenter to re-vamp the chicken
      No, he came empty handed but a pizza would have been very celebratory.

  14. Replies
    1. Bali
      Yes it is. Often life is one big interesting mystery. How and why things
      and events happen......shrug......who knows?

  15. Great story and an offer he couldn't refuse.

  16. joeh
    Sometimes just the right thing comes along at just the right time
    and it seems like a miracle. But I still don't really know what a
    miracle is all about.

  17. Despite the ridiculous recovery period we're going through, I still believe in God and miracles. In fact, it's what gets me through so many things feeling protected (and let me note that despite this struggle period, so many good things are happening too!). I'm glad you and the Godfather's Pizza guy got your little miracle. Little miracles prepare us for when the big ones take place. I'm glad too, that you're believing in miracles again. Giddy happy, actually. :) :) :) I like that you're using your real name too, in case I didn't already say that... :)