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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Some Thought Patterns

Hello from my other planet. But seriously, 
wouldn't it be grand to have another planet,
like a "vacation planet" to escape the stupidity
that often goes on here?

I have to be careful of what I eat. "Why?" you may ask. Because I used
to be a rattle-brained youth and eat with wild abandon. My selection of
food was poor and now I'm paying for it in playing the game, "save the
 teeth."  It's kinda like the game shows on TV,  just spin a wheel and
 hope for the best.

I'm at my juicer much of the time. Actually, you oldies, it's the only way
to go. Juice it and drink it and all those pretty little enzymes start their
 jobs. Take parsley for example, because it is extremely powerful,  juice
 it with mostly carrot.

Here's a story. I was merrily going along for nearly a week on my
carrot/parsley juice recipe.  Last Friday I noticed a back-ache, mostly
hanging around on my lower right back.  "Ummm, too much heavy
lifting in the yard-work," I thought.  I put the hens in and fed the dog
early (thanks to my intuition) because that pain was rising like Andrew,
to full hurricane level. I started to make preparation for a castor oil
pack but could do nothing but stumble into bed and muffle my screams
in a pillow. I never even knew I had a kidney problem but my instincts
told me,  this is a kidney stone.  Dang, but they do hurt. I did manage
to sleep a little.

Next morning, pain had vanished like buggy whips......completely gone,
and a new vigor flashed through this "once gorgeous" body. (that's a joke,
now laugh). I felt/still feel like I was what?  perhaps 25. If I had been
an allopathic aficionado, I probably would have been in the hospital
all drugged up, but I'm not and I won't and I read a lot.

By the way, I don't just drink juice but it is in additon to my meals, just
in case you go crazy and start frantically juicing.

I wasn't even going to talk about my kidney stone, but what the heck,
it evolved and maybe help someone in the same predicament. I'll save
my other "big story" for later. Can you hardly wait?


  1. HiYa, BELVA! Sounds like you and I both are into alternative health therapies.

    I have been since I was quite young. I guess I first took an interest in alternative therapies due to my Pa's interest in the fascinating health readings of Edgar Cayce.

    Are you familiar with the Mike Adams website Natural News? If not, I think it will be right up your alley. Here's the URL:

    Circa 2004, I developed my first kidney stone and, oh yes, that HURT! Well, I went to the Emergency Room and was given some medication to break it up.

    But I learned that once a person has developed a kidney stone, others begin to form more frequently, and I sure didn't want to experience pain like that again. So I did my due diligence (aka "research") and found that the combination of MAGNESIUM and VITAMIN B-COMPLEX prevents kidney stones from forming. I began taking 500 mg. of Magnesium twice a day along with 2 tablets of B-50 twice a day and -- praise God! -- I haven't had a kidney stone since!

    I'm also really, really big on Soy Lecithin granules for keeping the arteries clear, and apricot kernals (aka Vitamin B-17) to prevent cancer cells from forming.

    I wish I could buy a copy of the book 'WORLD WITHOUT CANCER' by G. Edward Griffin for every person on the planet.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents 'Battle Of The Bands'

    1. Stephen
      How great that you are into the natural too. Most peoople are scared of being only alternative but I feel terrified when I think of placing my body in the care of someone who will certainly give me drugs. Although, I do think surgeons do miraculous work with accidents, etc. As far as healing, I do choose natural. Edgar Cayce was a remarkable man. I stll belong to their organization. I talk to a medical intuitive on the phone whenever I have a medical problem that I can't solve. He works about the same as Cayce..... goes into a mini trance and he's never been wrong for me yet. I've used him for around 20 years. If you are ever interested, I'll give you his number.
      Yes, Mike Adams is a good one to listen to. I started on the natural quest many years ago also and Ann Wigmore was the one I followed waaay waaa back when natural healing was not very popular yet.

      I've juiced off and on for 60 years. I'm always on the look-out for perfect health because as long as I'm alive, I want to feel good. I was born in 1930. I was listening to Rush and he was talking about the very worst hurricane ever, in 1935 and he was debunking climate control.. Then he said, "there probably isn't anyone alive from that time. Hey I was 5 years old....Hahaha but of course I don't recall the hurricane.

      Thanks for the tip on K. stones. I do expect more since I had that disturbance the other night. I do cleanse all organs pretty regularly though so that is why I was surprised BUT what do I expect, things wear out. LOL

      Years ago I was a big fan of soy but I've kinda given up on it as it's all modified now... and corn too. That is why I have the big garden.... to grow my own food. Most enjoyable too.

      Nice to share experiences with you.... Feel free to visit any time. I told one of my son's about you.... the Mash hero.

  2. Ouch, that kidney stone sounds awful. Glad it passed and you are all better. I hear they are really painful. Men especially holler.
    I haven't juiced yet but may take it up. Thanks, I'll check into it.

    1. Patti
      I knew parsely and carrot is for kidneys but I guess I thought I was just cleansing.... well I did cleanse, I guess and look what happened. The power of simple food is so amazing. Try juicing.... you'll be surprised.

  3. Blah, don't want one of those. They are awful indeed. But good the sucker passed on out. Who knew that was about? God knows what my left side holds. I'd dig it out if I could lol still contemplating that gall stone flush, but knowing my luck I'd make things worse.

    1. Pat
      Yes, better out than in. I was just hoping to cleanse the kidneys but hey, look what I cleansed. It really gave me a lot more energy. You do juicing, don't you, Pat? I juice for a long time but it a lot of extra work and when I start feeling super, I stop for a while and then I have to start all over again. I do have a Norwalk juicer and used that exclusively when I was on Gerson for 8 months but they are complicated and take up so much time. BUT they certainly produce the purest juice. I think all cancer patients have to use a Norwalk. I also hae a Green Star .... which is 2nd best in my opinion. I'ts not as troublesome to use and you can still do the 2-step thing and use a seperate press. Marilyn sold her Norwalk but she is using mine now. We share but if either of us got cancer, we'd be on the Norwalk in an instant.

      Have you talked to Ken recently?

      My brother is the the most stupid person in the world. He is 14 years younger than I am so he was only 4 when I left home. We are/were close but spent most of our lives away from one another. He and wife have the most terrible diet of anyone..... all processed food and never an enzyme. This summer they announced he had colon cancer. I talked to Ken and asked him to take a look at brother inside. Ken did and almost acted a little angry. He said brother was just a mess and every organ was shot. He said he had to change and he repeated that 3 times. Brother was in Bozeman at the time so I went right over and begged him to postpone the surgery 3 weeks and I'd drop everything, come over and juice for him least build up his body if he still insisted on having the surgery. Brother absolutely refused my offer and i could read his mind..... I didn't wear a white coat and have a stethescope hanging on my neck and I was his dumb older sister, so what did I know. It was kinda like a slap in the face and I knew I had to harden my heart about the situation. It was his choice. He had the full allopathic treatment and he is now back in Az. Guess what they gave him to eat in the hospital when he first got out of surgery.... a piece of chicken and a white bun. I talked to his wife and she said the oncologest said he needed lots of protein so she is going to feed him lots of meat and protein drinks, etc. I kept my mouth shut because I knew I wasn't wanted.

      That gallstone flush is easy.-peasy. But juicing will bring out just as much. A gal I know just began juicing this summer and today is her birthday. For a present I gave her 2 big bags of carrots and she is delighted. She is really serious and way into it. I love that.
      Talk to you later.... I'll have a little more time now that the harvest is over.

    2. I have never juiced much at my sea. Tried it once at my uncle's and gagged on it. Blah. I eat raw pretty much, so I crunch the juices within. If it could rid me of this left side pain and nerve crap. I may suffer through it. Easy peasy? Some of the complications make me nervous that a few have gotten, so I've avoided it haha plus acidic crap sends my body into a crazy fit, and you have to drink that with the gallstone flush. Carrot and parsley may be the better way. I've read about Norwalk, but many are saying now that there are some just as good, or near, out there as technology has changed since it was made. Twin Gear was one I recall them mentioning.

      Blah, too much protein will probably kill him faster. But some bodies thrive on it. Haven't chatted with Ken in years. That crummy bowel cancer runs in our family, so I try and stay on top of that with apricot seeds and staying regular as can be lol

    3. Pat
      Yes, just grind it with the teeth. What kind of complications have you heard of?

      I buy books, eventually toss them and then buy them again. One I just bought again is Fresh Veg and Fruit Juices by Norman W Walker. A slender little book but a wealth of juicing info. He's my new bf. I threw Max Gersen over for Norman. LOL. I always pick the dead ones, they are nicer. Ha Before Max it was Bernard Jensen, but I tossed him aside for Max. I've had em all. Hahaha

      Marilyn used to work for Gersen in San Diego and Charlotte Gerson, Max's daughter, is still alive and she is over 100 by now. I think she is still alive. Anyway, Charlotte was a friend of Normans and used to tell lots of stories about him, and Marilyn would tell me. That is how I got to respect and believe him. In that book, he talks about all the veggies that are magical when raw but when cooked they cause acid. For instance, he says RAW spinach is the best for so many things (won't go into that) but don't eat cooked or canned spinach, unless "we are particularly anxious to accumulate oxlic acid in our kedneys with the consequent pain and kidney trouble." hahaha I love his sarcasm. I wonder if popeye knows that...LOL There are so many veggies that I was eating cooked and turn to acid......probably why I had that stone.

      Norman invented the Norwalk juicer and the name comes from his name, of course. The juicer I use now is twin gear, the Green Star. The Norwalk is a 2-stage thing and it takes longer to juice but it is also pure. The twin star will do the same thing if you just pulp, say the carrot, first and then put it through a hydralic press. Dummy me, I had the press before I bought the Norwalk but tossed it when I got the Norwalk. That juice is totally pure with all the nutrition from the plant.

      I want to call Ken after that kidney thing but I've just been so dang busy getting ready for the big blast of white stuff. Carrot is kind of the base for many recipes and that is sweet but others are not so sweet. I can take anything if I think it's helping me. Try straight wheat grass....Marilyn and I clink glasses, down the hatch and both make a face and say eeeuuuuuu.
      I gotta get my work done so I can watch DWTS tonight. I always try to match my judging with Len. He's the only one who really knows pure ballroom.

    4. Supposedly bile ducts can get blocked and pancreas crap. So I avoided it. Rarely happens, but it has. Knowing my body, I'd be the rare one haha

      I eat spinach every day. Never cook it though or eat anything canned. Carrots I boil a bit to make them crunchier sometimes. Hate anything mushy. Makes me gag.

      The Green Star was the one I recall mentioned as nearly as good.

      White stuff? ewww all yours. Eww to wheat grass too. I can do anything too if it helps and won't screw up, even if it tastes nasty. But when it flairs up crummy nerves. That is it for that lol

  4. My teeth is in pretty good shape and never had a kidney stone. I use to eat every thing in sight. Well now I've gotten over weight and now paying the price for it.
    Coffee is on

    1. Hi Peppy
      You did something right if your teeth are good. Wish mine were. I was a depression baby and we had to scrounge whatever we could find to eat. I do recall that we had a lot of sandwiches with VanCamp pork and beans and white wonder bread..... how healthy is that but it tasted like a fest to a starving little kid. You say you've been struggling with weight for some time. I wish you success with that.

      Thanks for visiting..... I'll be posting more now that winter is arriving.

  5. I've had similar sharp pain in the kidney area so I went to the hospital for xrays and a urine test and they showed no sign at all of kidney stones, so there was no explanation for the pain. I'm paying a price for indiscriminate eating too, overweight mostly, with teeth full of fillings.

    1. River WOW
      That was odd. Wonder what caused the pain. It could have been a healing reaction. I get those when I'm following a really good food or juicing plan. This is the first time it zero'd in on one specific area but I'm glad it did.I want to work on miy teeth and a good formula includes dandylion greens and also turnip green, that I can't get here. There is also carrot and something else that escapes me right now. I know next year I'll grow turnips, just for the tops. You can't pick the dandylions either because of the spray. I never use spray on my yard but my back alley neighbor does. He sprayed round-up right near my green house. I'm telling you, it's hard to keep alive these days. (I was going to do LOL but it isn't funny)
      I had bad dentistry too, when I was growing up. And teeth are so important in grinding up our food.
      Good luck with the weight. That can be an annoying problem too.

  6. Lots of water if the pain starts. Dark greens like spinach are bad if you have stones, lemon juice is good.

    Had them, no fun.

    1. joeh
      I never drink enough water. I have to force myself to drink water. I know that's a big problem for me. But.... I was macrobiotic for over 25 years when I lived in Florida. A big community of macro and the kuchi's always had their big conventions there so I was well steeped in it. I knew it well and tried to follow it to the max. Well, there was a problem. I do have glaucoma and the Japanese say that is caused by too much water. and I do know there is also a connection between eyes and kidneys. So, what to do? Macro is very powerful and will cure cancer and many survivors have written books on their healing. I had read all their books and it was interesting to sit next to these authors and listen to their story first-hand.
      Macro is mostly cooking and juicing all raw. There are so many things that cure cancer. I did not have cancer that I ever knew about but I did all these things for prevention of any disease. I was really healthy then too and it was during the time I was competing in ball room and a wonderful time of my life. But I enjoy all the different part of my life.Thanks for the tips on health. I also love sharing good information with others.

  7. I am so sorry for such horrible pain dear friend!

    either i (though live in hot part of land) force myself to drink water specially in winters.

    i hope you take proper medications to decrease pain or go for surgery if needed

    1. baili
      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, it is easier to drink water in the hot summer when one is sweating away buckets of water. We did have an espicially hot summer and I was running in the house for water more than usual. Didn't you also have some stones recently?

    2. yes i had surgery to remove my Gall bladder but i did not know the reason of it's spoiling dear Belva .
      could be lack of drinking less water you are right

  8. I'd LOVE a vacation planet.
    As long as it had cable.

    1. Al
      Most definitely. Who ever heard of a vacation planet without cable?
      But it may only show old Lassie re-runs.

  9. I'm on the edge of my seat to hear your other news. Sorry about the kidney stones. My brother was in the hospital a few months back, in and out of hospital for over a month, as the kidney stone refused to come out, regardless of the meds and treatments. I know he said the pain was excruciating. Glad yours passed so quickly, Belva. I love reading about your experiences. Take care.

    1. Murees
      Bummer about your brother. Will he have surgery to remove them. I hear Apple juice will dissolve them. I expect more because I guess there is never just one. I don't drink enough water, either.
      I love hearing from you, Murees.

  10. Wait one minute... You used to be a rattle-brained youth and eat with wild abandon? Say it ain't so! Carrot/parsley... I'll ask the Missus to make me one of those (as I'm not allowed to touch her kitchen gear).

    Yes, I can hardly wait. The suspense is killing me. But seriously, are you okay?

    1. Blue Man
      Lucky you, not allowed to touch the juicer. Juicing is a pain. Grind, grind, grind and then take the thing apart and wash all the little pieces. I always vow that I am going to stay juicing for the rest of my life and It's always washing the dang machine that makes me break the vow.
      I'm really better than OK since I gained all that energy post stone. I do realize the power of all that raw juice raging through my cells and blast the washing of the machine, I vow to juice for the rest of my life. So be it.

      Don't let the suspense kill you. There are better ways to go. Or you could stay around and keep me company. Ha

  11. Glad you didn't have to go in for it. My grandmother did, and it wasn't pretty. I like to juice. I haven't used parsley, but now I will. :)

  12. Rosey
    Parsley is one of the most potent juices so it is adviced not to drink more than 2 oz. alone. It is usually mixed with a sufficient amount of carrot juice. I do a mix of carrot 10 oz and parsley 3 oz and perhaps also 3 oz of something like cucumber. In fact I'm sipping on a drink right now.

    1. I'm sipping on coffee. Something I said I was going to cut back on. Still a work in progress. ;)

      Thanks for the potency tip on the parsley! I'm amazed that so much oomph comes with it!! I do love carrot juice, so mixing it in would be no problem at all. Love me some cucumber too, so you're singing my song here!

      Have a wonderful day! :)

  13. I'm so glad I came here and read all these information about juicing. I'm sorry about your kidney stones, though. I had one and a very painful removal. Yet I never thought to start juicing. I wonder what combination would be good for gall bladder stones?

    1. Love Affair with Food
      Carrot, beet and cucumber juice for the gall bladder, usually not in equal amounts but more of carrot. Usually gravel is deposited by eating excessive flour products and I have been guilty of that. Also the juice of a lemon in warm water helps soften the stones. I've also heard apple juice will soften stones.

  14. Oh, I'm going to try this juicing now for my skin problems. Thank you so much for this post.

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