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Monday, September 4, 2017

Greetings Dear People

I was going to write about something of
value in place of my usual drivel but not
quite yet.  The hens are wanting out of
the coop. What day is this? I guess it's a
holiday for "some people."

Son #1 who lives in Florida, came this direction for the eclipse
and spent some time with me. Actually we worked most of the
time. Three loads of hay bales, hammering and replacing junky
curtain rods, window boxes and he built a beautifl potting
table in the back of my green house. 

I got the juicer out and raised our energy level each morning
by fortifying our bodies with a burst of golden carrot glow. 
Why do I get out of the habit of juicing? I can't say but I do know
I'm going to continue juicing.

I am constantly moving and discarding furniture..... yes still, as
I thought I was down to the nibs. And yet.... another fine mess 
you got us in (shades of Laurel and Hardy ......only old timers
will know who they are...LOL) I need another fridge so I'm turning
the whole first floor into a kitchen. Why not? I do not entertain
any more, no one, ever. Just my kids and very close girlfriends
ever drop in.  I love that idea of a huge kitchen. My idea of 
decorating has always been leaving my basic tools for life sitting
out for all to see. My knitting baskets are sitting out, displaying
vivid colors of yarn, a butter churn, my tools for health, as in
juicer, blender, eng machine and plenty of supplement shelves.

I don't fit in, as others do. Perhaps I did at one time when I would
choose a certain vase to compliment a room but that was short-
lived. Often I feel like a space traveler just here for a visit.  But
aren't we all? 

A lovely time of the year. The leaves of the garden have started
turning crisp and 7 pumpkins of vivid orange emerged from
beneath those gigantic leaves. I love the shape of the Roma
tomatoes as they are also taking on a glow. 

I love my life, I love my roma, I love my dog, I love my 
pick-up, I love my know what I'm talking 

Be kind to one another. Words can sting and leave a ring.


  1. You could never report on the news, you'd make everything seem nice instead of warning of doom and gloom.

    1. joeh
      You really made me laugh. I read the first line of this post and realized it sounded like it was certainly written by a "ditz." The sad part, I wasn't trying to be one, so it must come naturally. Oh-oh

      Are you saying I could never be a reporter for CNN and trash Conservatives?

  2. Look at you, a rhyming end at your zoo lol

    Go for it. Get the kitchen big and then you can cook and dance a jig haha

    I already have the orange tinge.

    1. Pat
      I like to dance while I cook
      It's better than a scam by a crook.

      I love the orange tinge. Lucky, lucky Lindy. I have not juiced in a while
      so I lost my tinge. Let's have a race and see who looks more like a
      pumpkin by Halloween. LOL

    2. lol I may win, all oompa loompa at our bin

    3. Pat
      You may win for sure. It takes a while and I haven't juiced for a few years. I do that sporadically but I like myi life better when I stay with it. My vow..... I will stay with it.

      Do you juice throughout the day or can you make enough for the whole day? This machine that I have now, is supposed tohold the enzymes for a day but now with the green. Look out enzymes... here we come.
      oompa loompa ...outta the way.

    4. I don't even juice. Just eat them as is at my sea. Get a big old orange tinge going on that way all by itself lol

    5. Isn't the orange tinge a sign of vitamin A overdose? I prefer to eat the whole foods rather than juicing, chewing is good for the jaw muscles and teeth and gums too. Plus I like eating, a glass of juice is gone too quickly. With an apple I can savour each bite.

  3. Glad you were able to put your son to work. I always work relatives, even my brother who is older. Hey, it makes them feel good and helps us out. Hope you post pictures of your whole first floor kitchen.

    1. Patti
      I remember, yes I do, that you have told us that your brother always takes care of all your household chores too. It was such a pleasure to get some of the big heavy things done. I know we want them to enjoy their visit too but it's also comforting to have some of that picky, naggy stuff out of the way.
      Marilyn was telling me about a popular restaurant where she ate this summer. The big attraction was, the people sat in the kitchen and
      could watch the chefs cooking.

  4. Enjoyed our visit today. You definitely have a way with words.

    1. LV
      Thank you for dropping by. I enjoy visiting with my own vintage people. For one thing we know the same songs. Music of today bewilders me. Enjoy your new age, we have a gift. (Smile)

  5. You're my kind of gal. I love my pick-up too. I'm working on my third one and would never go back to a car. The large kitchen to dance in while you cook sounds wonderful'

    1. Paula
      Thanks for the compliment and your country lifestyle suits me just fine, too. I envy you the space you have and all that great soil right at your fingertips. There is nothing like the early morning fragrance in the country, free of all the sickening city smells.
      I live in a fairly small city now but I have a favorably large lot surrounded by a high fence to keep some imitation of privacy. But I still get all the city smells..... it's BBQ's and what drives me the most crazy is the dryer sheet smell. That scent sends me right in the house. Why do people use those things? That's a poison covered up with a nauseating fragrance that people put next to their skin. There are those ball things that are natural if you need to de-electrify your clothes. I just go out with an occasional sock hanging from me. haha

      Pick-ups.......the way to go. Just toss it in the back.

  6. I would love a bigger kitchen where I could leave things out. As it is now, I have the microwave oven on the biggest corner and if I want to use the toaster or blender I have to get either one out of the underneath cupboard, then stand on a stool to reach the wall plug to unplug the microwave, plug in the toaster (or blender) and when I'm finished with either one I have to stand on a stool again to unplug it, plug the microwave back in, then put the stool away so I can get to the cupboard to put away the toaster or blender. It's a hassle, but that corner is the only one with an electrical outlet, except for the one behind the fridge.
    I like the idea of you having a whole downstairs floor as a kitchen, all the cooking stuff at one end, storage along the walls, a couple of cosy armchairs at the other end :)

    1. River
      Oh My Goodness...I understand your plight as I've lived in all kinds of houses in my lifetime that were filled with all kinds of foibles. A true hassle but your writing is delightful and aside from the fact that you have to jump through all the hoops to use the toaster or blender, it makes a winning story, as all your writing does.
      This old farmhouse does not have one true closet so my applliances just sit out in the open. I have portable bookshelves where I try to hide appliances and have made the old 1920's curtains to keep the dust out. Yup, you got it, I'm keeping one small sofa and a chair at one end. And so life goes on.

  7. A burst of golden carrot glow at the Belva Show... I like the sound of that more than the sound of my big fat cat. Show your tools. It's the only way, as you stop by at that blue guy bay. Good to hear your life is fun. That's the way it should always be. Something tells me your golden carrot glow might cure me of my neverending jet lag. If only we were neighbors. I'd stop by and build you another table in the process. Thanks for stopping by. Your voice always puts a smile on my face.

    1. Blueman
      Oh, I want to be your neighbor. I make the best neighbor, as I know you do too and another table, solid and pretty, like your new closet. As a neighbor, I know when to be helpful but also know when to keep my distance. Out of Good Neighbor 101.
      Honest Randy, juicing would be so good for you. I bought my first cheapie
      juicer when I was in my 20's. Kind of pulpy juice but better than no juice. As you suspect, I've done natural health all my life but now, with my present knowledge, it would be illustrious to start all over and do it right this time. At least I passed it on to my kids .....they know and they do.
      Ditto. My smile is also very broad when you visit. If we have a chance at another lifetime, I'll take that table.

  8. Good post...made me smile! You have such a way with words!

    1. Love Affair with Food
      Thank you for the visit. Love affairs come in all shapes and forms. I like that one affair with food. Smile.

  9. Lovely post dear!!!
    i am so glad that you too got the company of your son who did lot for you during his stay ,that is wonderful .

    When our this house was being built (12 YEARS AGO) i wanted a huge kitchen where i can keep fridge and washing machine along with small dinning table .but hubby said in such hot area kitchen will not be useful as fridge will catch much heat and laundry or dinning would not be possible due to much heat so he only made 10 by kitchen which is fine though but my desire for bigger kitchen is still there .
    loved your wise words in last line

    1. BalliI
      It's so nice that we both had the good fortune of our son's visits. It's unfortunate that sons live so far away but the visits are very warm and welcome.
      My kitchen is already quite large because I live in an old farmhouse that has been added on to throughout the years. But it lacks closets and I'm not about re do any serious house remodeling at my age. Your husband was right about the heat but here we have very cold winters and we are also in the mountains.
      It is lovely to see you again.

    2. yes you are so right my friend .
      My son has left for Germany , even farther but thank God that new technology helps lot to keep in touch on daily basis.

      Yes here summers are longer and hotter (50 plus) and placing fridge in kitchen must not be a fine idea .

      We are tend to buy house in colder part of area the capital city of Pakistan (Islamabad) which is near my native town and this time we will prefer house with bigger kitchen

  10. I'm glad your son came up and you got some major work done (I know you like to work). :) He should have stayed longer...the storms down here right now are ugly. ;)

    1. Rosey
      I'm so happy to hear from you. Keep me informed about that crazy storm. I heard "going up the middle of Florida." It sounds like a zinger. Son follows S. America and all over. I'm glad this one was close to me so I could see him.
      Hope you keep safe throughout this storm. Where in the world are all the
      evacuated people going?

    2. We were so lucky on my coast. Evacuees can go to the shelters. I know some did fill up, but there were still plenty with room (thank goodness). :)

  11. Sounds like you spent great time with your son and he helped you with what you needed doing.

  12. "Often I feel like a space traveler just here for a visit. But
    aren't we all?"

    I SO totally feel like this!

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