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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Games are Fun

I'm not much of a TV watcher but I do love the
Movie Channel that shows the old movies. My
friend, Joan, watches a daily show called 
Jeopardy. (Which I had never watched)

To understand her fascination with this show, I did watch it once and
then I sent her an answer to a category and she told me the right 
question. I think it's rather a stupid game but I could learn some
things from the show and Lord knows I could use more of that.

Since my fascination is with old movies, I then sent her 4 answers in
the old movie category. She didn't know any of them.  Did I do it wrong?
Category.....old movies
1. Mrs. Wilberforce
2. elderberry wine
3. two youts
4. Wimpole Street

Anyone know the answers?

I grew up in a very small town with one movie theater. During the
depression, the admission price was 5 cents and later, during the war
went up to a dime. It was even difficult to scrape up a nickle but I would
work the skin off my fingers, weeding other people's gardens so I could
go to the movies. 

When the war came, my mother always went to the movies with me.  There
was no TV then but the movie always had a short, "The Eyes and Ears
of the World," that gave the news. It was so necessary that we try to 
keep up with the war news as my father was in the Navy for the full four
years of the war with ships being blown away right under him.  When
the news started, a big picture of the flag was shown and everyone in
the theater stood and sang along with the anthem.  Tears stained the
cheeks of most people and words cannot tell you how precious that
flag was to everyone. I don't think there was a person in our town who's 
life was not touched by that war. 

Then we would watch on screen, the soldiers struggle in the mud with
bombs going off in all direcions, of ships exploding and we always looked 
with a fervent hope that we never see my father's face in that kind of

I can't even talk about NFL ball players who disrespect our flag. 
LIFETIME? The shame that I feel for them is unspeakable. 

WOW that was a trip down a path I wasn't intending to just
got away from me. 

Back to a cheery note.....let's hear it for the movies (not for the 
Hollywood of today) but for those beautiful old movies and 
theaters that are nearly a thing of the past. 


  1. Hi, BELVA!

    I'm a fan of old movies, too. ("In Glorious Black & White") I knew the answers to #2 and #3. I had heard of the first and last, but couldn't truly place them.

    Just last Friday I watched two Mickey Rooney movies.

    It does my heart good to see the backlash now occurring against the NFL as a result of it allowing these SJW brats to "take a knee" during the National Anthem. If they think America is so rotten and racist, why don't they move? No one's holding them here. They could always go to the homeland of their perfect ancestors and see how much they enjoy it there.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...

    1. Hello Stephen
      You ARE the old movies. Just the other day I was telling someone about you and your time spent doing Mash. I was bragging about you. Ha

      I saw some Mickey Rooney movies being advertised but I didn't have
      time to watch. He usually played with a very young Judy Garland. And
      his father was a Judge, I think.

      Yes, they are all Americans and easy for them to have passports..... so adios. I'll wave the Stars and Stripes to them as they fly off into the sun-set.
      I'm probably asking the most stupid question ever, but wat is SJW? My
      vintage puts me out of the loop of a lot of things. LOL

      I've been terribly sporatic about posting lately but I'll put the answers down with my next post. I made a promise to myself to post every Monday but I broke it. Dang

    2. Howdy, BELVA!
      I AM the old movies, eh? Ha!-Ha!

      Yeah, the Mickey Rooney movies you're thinking of, with Judy Garland and his dad as a judge were, I believe, a series about a character named Andy Hardy.

      SJW stands for "Social Justice Warrior". It's a derogatory term for stupid, liberal Millennials (Millennial = "a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century").

      FUN FACT: One of my all-time favorite movies is MONTE WALSH (1970) starring Lee Marvin and Jack Palance. In that movie is a character named "Skimp". He's a good cook but he stinks because he never bathes. Skimp was played by a terrific character actor named Ted Gehring. I saw MONTE WALSH for the first time in about 1989. Skimp was a minor character in the movie, but Ted Gehring he gave a memorable performance.

      Well, a few nights ago I was watching some old episodes of ALIAS SMITH & JONES. (Not sure if you remember that but it was a great, however, short-lived TV Western in the very early 1970s.) In one episode, Ted Gehring ("Skimp") appeared as some slow-witted outlaw.

      That made me curious to see what else he'd done, so I went to the IMDB site. To my surprise, I found that I had been in a 1978 M*A*S*H scene with him! I was thrilled to discover this. Sadly, I didn't even know who he was then.

      The episode is from Season 7 and titled "NONE LIKE IT HOT". It's about a heatwave, when Hawkeye and B.J. mail order a bathtub and try to keep it a secret. Also, Radar O'Reilly has to get his tonsils removed in that episode. It was pretty funny, and Ted Gehring was his usual memorable self.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      STMcC Presents 'Battle Of The Bands'

  2. #1 The Ladykillers
    #2 ummm
    #3 My Cousin Vinny
    #5 ummm
    (what happened to number 4)

    Older movies, does going back to the 80's count?, were better. They actually put effort into most of them. These days they just slap flashy crap in a movie and that is that.

    Millionaires that throw a ball around are taking a knee. They are soooooooooo hard up. Poor babies have to memorize play books. They can't be expected to stand for a few minutes. That would be far too much for their little brains to handle. Pfffffffffft. All these damn whiners can go back to living how and where their ancestors came from. Then they can get the supplements and whine away. But if they live like the rest of us, then they should get nothing and shut the hell up. Nothing but a bunch of whiny cry babies about everything.

    Not that there aren't things that suck. Any racist nuts should be thrown in a hole, but condemning all for the past, stupid. Even more stupid when they try to change it and PC it for today's new breed of whiny cry babies.

    End Rant.

    1. Pat
      You always amaze me with your knowledge of things past. Your mind is a
      Venus fly trap and you can reain all this information. I'll put down the answers next post and I hope to post more often.

      That was a good rant. I liked it. And getting all that money for their brawny DNA, which they had nothing to do with that either. Kids look up to them so much and the ball players could do so much good by setting good examples. They must not have kids of their own.

  3. I only know #3, one of the funniest movies ever.

    Sorry Pat, you get no credit as the answer must be "What is ...."

    1. Joeh
      I've seen that movie a hundred time (well, not really) and I almost know the dialogue.....when she talks about the little baby bambi and hat blue suit she digs up for him. LOL

    2. Pat
      Damn Sam, you made mah pants too short.

  4. Yikes, I didn't know any of them.
    I do remember 10 cent movies but we mostly saw westerns as a Saturday Matinee. Loved the Newsreels and the previews.

    1. Patti
      You were too young for some of them.
      I used to love the matinees.....usually cliff hangers that kept us coming back and I also remember how sticky the floor was from the kids spilling soda's.

  5. I like older movies where the background music was actually in the background and not blasting our eardrums like it does today. The good old movies where you could hear the dialogue clearly, even the whispered conversations.
    Modern movies with their too loud soundtracks have wonderful special effects, but too many have a storyline that just isn't worth the cost of a ticket.

    1. River
      Tell me about the background music. It drowns out all dialogue.
      I sometimes think I'm going deaf but I'm glad to hear you talk about it too.
      Why do they do that?

  6. Arsenic and Old Lace is one of my favorites, along with Victor Victoria (I guess it doesn't really count as an old movie). I wish life was simpler these days. Little pleasures like going to the movies, is what life is all about when things get tough. A movie can stay with you for the rest of your life.

    1. Murees
      Arsenic and Old Lace is an all time favorite of mine too. Of course that is where the elderberry wine comes from. I even planted elderberry bushes years ago just because of that movie and made wine for years.

      You are so young and have such mature and wise values. I really value your friendsip and hold you in a high place of trust.

  7. When the Pledge of Allegiance plays in the morning at our school, kids talk, stay sitting, ignore it, etc. I don't get it. I've had the respect talk with them. They don't get it. We're really straying in some areas, patriotism seems to be one of them. May I say again, that I don't get it.

    I like Jeopardy. When I was married my then-husband and I would have competitions with it when it came on at night. Besides news and sports it was the only TV that ever played. :)

    1. Rosey
      Schools should start teaching the true history and have civics classes
      again. I read that both are removed from most schools.

      I found that competition about anything is never good in a marriage. If we did happen to compete, I always let "him" win. For instance, I was a better golfer than my husband but I let him win. My reason, I never worked and had time to take many golf lessons and practice while he was out working and making money so I could endulge in these priviliges. If he allowed me all of this and then I beat him at golf, that would be a definite blow to his ego. When I played with him, I duffed the ball a lot and I praise his win But when I played with the girls, my killer-instinct came out and I went home with the trophies. Haha I think he really knew but he respected my trying to thank him for all that he gave me. I know, times have changed completely and marriage is one huge competition but it's also one big divorce court.

    2. My two grandmothers (both married over 50 years) never one-upped their men either, now that you mention it. Look at that wisdom/perspective. ;) Never even entered my head NOT to be competitive. Definitely good food for thought... :)

  8. Nice article great post comment information thanks for sharing.

    1. Piseth san
      Clever name. I went to your blog and I couldn't figure out where/how to add comments, etc. (I'm easily confused haha). But it's a great blog.... and interesting.

  9. The only one I knew was "My Cousin Vinny."
    The NFL nonsense? Didn't watch a single game last year (including the Super Bowl).
    Haven't watched a single game THIS season (and will include the Super Bowl).
    Incidentally, Piseth San sure has some insights up there, huh?

    1. Al
      Was that because of lack of interest or a streak of rebellion? I have that "girly stigma" when it comes to football. Keep all that grunting and moaning in the proper place.
      Visit Piseth San's blog.... (love that name) . My pea brain can never find my way around blogs like that. If it isn't blogger, I'm usually lost.

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  11. This was touching dear Belva!

    how nice to know that either we stand while national anthem is sung in cinema screen!

    Knowing about the war and your dear father who served in navy was great but touchy.

    i always loved old movies .john wayne ,gregory peck ,Michael douglas and some others were my favorite ,
    my very first movies that i watched on our black and white t,v was Roman Holiday

    1. Baili
      Oh yes, I've watched many movies made by the stars of which you speak. John Wayne was the one who didn't interest me very much. And you remember the first TV movie you saw. What a great memory. I don't recall my first on TV but I do remember Roman Holiday.

      Thank you for taking time from your busy family life to comment on my

  12. I agree with you about disrespecting the flag. I think that game is general knowledge. I would enjoy watching it though not all the time.

  13. I'm here to wish you a lovely Thanksgiving!

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