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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Two Dog Night I in luck. Last night was a 2-dog night and
I now just happen to have two dogs. Ha ha

No one has any use for an old dog. (Ask me how I know) lol
This little part-border collie, part-sheltie was being put out on the street, food dish
and the whole-shebang with her exact age unknown. Could be 9, 10, 11 or somewhere
around there as they say she was originally found on the streets in Ky years ago.
Now here she is in Mt, the sweetest, most obedient little dog I've ever met.

Visits to the vet and the groomer confirmed she is a little princess in the
rough.  She's a real little charmer and even the Vet remarked that she would
have taken her but if I ever need a dog-sitter, she'd gladly oblige. The only
existing medical problem is a dental problem. That will be taken care of in
Feb. as that is dental discount month at the hospital. I still got out the MSM
and glucosamine as a preventative for a dog that age.

Here's a thought.........if you want an obediently trained dog, buy one from
a homeless person. Have you ever watched a homeless guy walking along a
road streaming with traffic and his unleashed dog walking beside him. There's no
fear of the dog darting out in traffic. Why is that? They can even be puppies and
they follow right along.

I suspect the answer to all of this is that dogs tend to pick up on a human's
emotional patterns. Dogs usually don't like a lot of words as it's the gestures
and hand movements that they really respond to. With Lil, I try to save my
words for our play time, as I realize they are being said for me, not for her.

One more note...... new puppy (I call them all puppies) came with the name of
Millie and resident puppy was Lily. Try to make them distinguish who the
infernal human is calling, so I renamed Millie to Pi and shortened Lily to
Lil. Now they get it.... Pi and Lil.

Why don't I put in a picture of Pi? I snapped some pictures but I guess I forgot
how to add pictures to a post. I can hear all of you computer geniuses
 laughing but I'll trade you a dog training lesson for a photo blog
lesson on an Apple. And I'm not homeless.......yet.

I hope you all are staying warm, except you southland people  with the
80-degree temps. The rest of you, just get another dog. LOL


  1. Interesting theory on homeless and dogs, I think you are onto something.

    1. Hi Joeh
      Sometimes it may be a good thing when one does not own a car. huh

  2. That is true, they are well trained indeed. Hey, the cat likes the rhyming names haha go figure. Did they get along right away? Already 12 cats and 2 dogs here, I think we'll forgo another until we get outta here lol would like the 80 degrees at our sea though.

  3. Pat
    Of course, I could keep adding dogs until I ran out"....illies." ha But I think not.
    I always introduce dogs slowly and with supervision. Often 2 females are the most difficult to become friends. One is always the interloper. You know those females!!!!!!!!
    A dozen cats and one more would make a baker's dozen. When my kids were little they were always bringing home cats and I recall the new ones would have a hissing stand-off with the resident cats that would last for days. They wouldn't even eat..... just stand there like Halloween cats and hiss. Since then I've gotten smarter and introduce pets slowly. (well, not a bunch smarter.... lol)

    1. haha would sure run up an expensive tab and create lots of landmines if you did.

      Slow works indeed. The female cats here pretty much hate everyone haha so yep, hissy fit indeed.

  4. Sound like a nice little pooch...Coffee is on

    1. She's sweet and kinda looks like Dorothy's Totto. I hope we don't end up in Oz.

  5. BELVA ~
    That's a very perceptive observation on your part. I don't think that thought ever crossed my mind before, about how obedient a homeless person's dog is. But there's truth to that.

    I can sure see how the names Lily and Millie could lead to some canine confusion.

    A lady friend of mine (the person who actually posted the first ever Battle Of The Bands contest) once had three four-footed friends -- a dog / cat combination -- and she named them Lily, Rosemary and The Jack Of Hearts. I thought that was really clever!

    ~ Stephen
    See... 'It's A Wonderful Life' Come To Life

    1. Stephen
      It's always delightful to get your panoramic perspective on any situation.
      It's often very interesting what names are given to furry friends.This lady could write her own song....."The Flower, the Spice and the Rest is Nice..... or something to rock to. I ramble.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  6. I would have a little dog if I had a bigger place with a fenced yard. I don't think keeping a dog inside all the time is a good idea, dogs need a yard to run around in.

    1. River
      Indeed they do need room to roam. My singer granddaughter has an album out by that name. I always liked it. Everyone, both humans and dogs seem to thrive on a certain amount of exercise. Do cats need much exercise? They may get their exercise by stretching a lot. They certainly do have the supple body.

  7. What a blessing you two found eachother. Think we need the story of how she made it from KY to Mt. Interesting observation about homeless folks and dogs. I do see them around occasionally and you are right. First off, they look well cared for and second, they are in lock step.

  8. Patti
    I can't even imagine how the previous owners got here as they were a blind couple and just couldn't keep her anymore. It appears that they took excellent care of her as she is very healthy with a shiny coat. I met 2 dogs at the dog park whose precious owners had been homeless and those dogs were so well trained without any real training.
    Good to see you

  9. i am glad you found a new companion ,she must be lucky to have a loving new owner like you dear Belva!

    i truly loved this post ,particularly the last two paras indicate very intelligent opinion for human behaviour !!!

    wishing you and you precious family a happy Christmas

    Happy new year with health and peace my friend!

    1. Baili
      It is always such a pleasure to read your shining comments. Pi is a very
      sweet old gal who still has plenty of zip. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but she has already picked up on my habits and way of life. She is one smart little gal.

      I hope this New Year bring you much joy for all your celebrations and all those luscious cakes you make.

  10. We always had two dogs growing up. It was good because they gave each other company too. :) Congrats on the new 'pup.' And that's a good point about a dog belonging to a homeless person!!

    Here to wish you a happy new year. :)

    1. Rosey
      I know everyone always says how fast the years fly by and they ain't just idylly baking cookies. Faster.faster, and faster.
      I hope this is the perfect year for you.

    2. Last year was amazing, and I'm anticipating the same here. Even years where a derailment comes along, there are still so many things to be grateful for, and yes...time goes too fast. How in the world did I get to be a grandma so quickly? ;) :)

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  13. I try to save my words for our play time, as I realize they are being said for me, not for her... Makes perfect sense to me, Belva. Perfect sense. I wold even go as far as to say that most folks speak because they like they sound of their own voice. Do you know what I mean?

  14. Best of luck with the two dog household and I am glad the little princess was able to find someone like you. I think we will be a two dog household before too long. The kids really want another dog and so do I. We just have to convince the boss. Take care.

  15. Awww...such a lovely uplifting post. So great that she found you.

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