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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Everyone is Entitled to an Opinion

Lily is happier than a pig in mud, in her new bed
If I didn't have my shilajit and my Turkish coffee, I
might get a little miffed at being called a moron. 
I just tried to make a friendly visit to a blog that began with the sentence
that all Trump supporters are morons.
I AM A TRUMP SUPPORTER. I am NOT a moron and I
believe everyone is entiled to an opinion without name-calling for those
whose opinions do not match theirs.

Counting Trump, I have lived through 15 (yes FIFTEEN) Commander
and Chiefs of the United States. Some I've really liked and others, not so
much. BUT the sun alwas came up the next day and we had rain for our
crops, babies were born and old people died. Life went on. Throw in some
wars and it made the people come closer together.

President Trump, of course, has some faults but I truly believe that with
time, he will go down in history books as one of our greatest presidents.
Party lines make little difference to me.  Up to this point, Kennedy has
been my favorite president. He had the guts to fire Alan Dulles and I'm
sure most of you know the Dulles brothers, Alan and Foster, were first
responsible for the big interventions we have for "going in and destroying
foreign countries" thus making wandering immigrants, escaping from
 war-torn countries.

All I ask, is before you criticize, look back on history. It usually didn't
begin yesterday.

Hey, try a page from my book. Have a small cup
of Turkish coffee and as Voltaire said, "Now 
let's all go out and cultivate our gardens."


  1. She sure looks happy as can be.

    I think Trump's an egotistical attention seeker. As he changes his tune to fit whatever gets him the best response it seems. But so far, with maybe a louder mouth and Twitter account, he hasn't done much more than any other president.

    If he learned to shut up, he might actually do a decent job. All presidents get made fun of, but he spends too much time with that nonsense.

    But who knows. I don't think anyone a moron, except if they really are a moron lol, for voting for him. Wasn't like there were great choices lining up.

    1. Pat
      I think anyone who wants the job of president has to be a Narcissist. Who needs that much aggrivation in their life? I've noticed that anyone who enters the life of president and has dark hair, leaves with white hair. But narcissists have been known to do some very great things in their life.... know why? They live on praise and adoration and if they are successful they can survive on that.

      The president that may not have been a narcissist was Harry Truman. He came to the job as vice president when FDR died. But then I wonder what made him accept the vice presidency when he knew FDR was old and ill.
      So maybe he was, too, but he always seemed so sincere and shied away from the vainglory. He was blunt and gruff and he was know as "old give em hell Harry." And of course he was the one who pushed the button with the A-bomb.
      Oops, I got off track.... a little walk down memory lane for me. Hahaha

  2. I'd like to see him tweet less, and I'd also like to see people give him a chance and the media be a bit more fair. I don't expect to see them fawn all over him as they have done to some previous presidents, but just some old fashion fair reporting.

    I've tried to keep my politics to myself these days as it can be dangerous...there is so much hate. I thought love trumped hate, but apparently it also beats the crap out of people who think "wrong."

    And thus the subject of my Cranky Opinion Saturday post.

    1. joeh
      So you are going to write your political opinion. Good. I like political opinions. What I find so amusing is that the people who do the violence
      don't even know why they are fighting. Most of them are hired political Soros hacks or so I see on the YT vids.

      I am ashamed of the fact that none of my grown grandchildren know a twit about history. They don't have to live it, as I did, they could read about it and yet they disagree with me and just go along with the twit crowd. Reagan campaigned on removing education from gov't but once he was elected it never came up again. Charlotte Isorbet (sp) tried to change that but also got shoved aside. If Reagan had kept his promises, perhaps the kids would be more knowledgable today. All the republicans worship Reagan as a god. I never felt that way about him.

  3. I'm not a fan of Trump, I don't know much about him except for that gut reaction and I don't live in America so my opinion doesn't count for much on this issue anyway.

    1. River
      I know that gut feeling too. It happened the first time I saw Obama on TV. My gut churned so badly that I turned off the TV and didn't listen to any political news until after the election. It was also the first time in my voting age that I did not vote. That was in 2008,

      All of Trumps campaign promises were the things that mattered to me. He seems to be trying to carry them out...... but we'll see.

  4. Replies
    1. Vineeta
      Thank you for stopping by.
      My pleasure to meet you.

  5. i don't know trump personally so cannot have opinion that is true though it is completely insane and injustice to put name for people who have different opinion

    1. baili
      Yes insanity is a good word for the hateful words slung around in
      the name of political justice. Everyone should just settle in because
      they will get their turn too. Ha

  6. Callie has a bed like that and loves it.
    I hate the anger and division our country is going through. I am NOT a Trump supporter but I have family members who are. We are all entitled to voice how we would like life to go via the voting booth. He is our president and I am counting on our democracy (and my emails) to keep the ship afloat. Like you said, it has worked before and I am hoping it will this time. Our system isn't perfect but I think it's the best out there.

    1. Patti
      There surely is a lot of hate and anger this "go-around and it's so strange because one either loves or hates Trump. There doesn't seem to be
      an inbetween

  7. I don't like when people issue harsh judgments over who you support. I saw so much of it during the election, and I was appalled. My daughter didn't approve of who I voted for, and I didn't approve of whom she would have voted for, but we still love and respect each other, despite our equally strong different political opinions. I saw life-long "friendships" being torn apart over political preference this go around and I thought...well, if you end a friendship over that, you deserve to lose it. Still a pity.

  8. Rosey
    I don't know why people develope such strong feelings over the running of a government........ but they surely do. It probably has something to do with freedoms they may think they are losing.... or? I don't know but you are right, it can destroy friendships and split up families.

  9. I voted for him...he may have faults & green as far as politics go...but he's doing so much right now (obamacare, income tax, school lunches...)

    I just had to stop over & say howdy...after reading your comment for paula & your ear piercing/grandpa's whiskey stash. 😆

  10. Hootin Anni
    At first I was going to write Annie May but I realize it is the month we are in. Tempus fugit.
    Good choice, too. I was kinda hooked on Trump from the minute he came down the esculator. Rather a unique entrance and rather a unique approach to running the government. And I will say yay, too, for the way he is taking off.
    Thank you for visiting and It's my pleasure to meet you.

  11. If “Everyone's entitled to their opinion” just means no-one has the right to stop people thinking and saying whatever they want, then the statement is true, but fairly trivial. No one can stop you saying that vaccines cause autism, no matter how many times that claim has been disproven.

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