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Monday, April 17, 2017

You Go Girl

If you've followed this blog for a while or my old blog
"Wanna Buy a Duck" I'm sure you've heard me mention
my life long friend Marilyn. 

Marilyn is in training. Training for what, you might ask. 
Training for a triathlon to be held August 6. 
Not so unusual but Marilyn is 78 and triathlons are a passionate hobby for her.
You could say she is always in training because her exercise week is divided up by
swimming, running and biking.

I would never even get started at the gate, but I'm the one waiting at the finish
line,  flouncing the pom poms. I am bursting with energy when I watch her
commitment to her workout schedule.

She will be coming for a visit next month, driving her van with her bike
in it's rack. There is an olympic size pool at the Y and plenty of running
space here. She can do her thing while I hoe my spuds.

I planted potatoes yesterday and my Fed Ex guy said I'm late.  They should
have been in the ground by St. Paddy's Day. But then I read in the Farmer's
Almanac that we should never plant potatoes in the sign of Pisces and March
 17 is still Pisces. Oh dear, what to do!  I just got some old sprouted
organic red potatoes from my daughter. Nice sprouts but
Lily started chewing on them and  poof went some of the long sprouts.

Have a happy week and you A to Z'ers are on the home stretch.


  1. Triathletes are absolutely nuts. &8 year old triathletes are especially nuts. Thank God for nutty people!

    1. joeh
      Marilyn is amazing. When we just plain walk the dog at a brisk pace, I'm puffing like crazy and she is la-de-dah.....breathing like she could go 10 more miles.

  2. Just watching triathlons makes me tired. I wonder why one shouldn't plant potatoes in Pisces.

    1. Liz
      I'm raising my hand.....I know, I know. Pisces rules the feet and when potatoes are planted in pisces, they are like little toes....just little small potatoes. That is what the astrologer said but the Fed Ex driver said the guy who planted by St. Patrick's Day always had a big crop so who to believe?

  3. Triathlon? yowza. I got up this morning ready to go visit people and discovered my legs were tight in the hamstrings after sitting for two days resting an aching back. And your friend who is much older than me, does triathlons. Give her an extra pom-pom wave from me, okay?

    1. River
      Aching back.....sorry..... but me too. I cleaned the chicken coop and had many loads to haul away with the wheelbarrow. But that mixture of hay and chicken poop is the best fertilizer.
      I'll tell Marilyn you sent greetings from Australia. Neither of us have been there.

  4. Not sure what to do about the spuds. I wish you good luck with them though. :) And whoowah for good company!! Enjoy your visit, and good luck to her on her race (I'd be the one with the pom poms too, lol). ;)

    1. Rosey
      Yay for good company is right. We've been best friends for 60 years.
      She had been here to help get rid of my surplus furniture and we got the garage emptied....... just a couple of weeks before I was in that cast. She is kicking herself for not coming back but who was to know.
      Below..... Pat said he'd join us. LOL

  5. lol I'd stick with the pom poms too. Run and fun don't work together here. That will be a feat just finishing it for anyone. 78, damn. Go her. No green finger for me, I can yank them like Lily though.

    1. Pat
      You, Rosey and me..... we could have our own little cheer leading
      group. We'd have cute little costumes and do those athletic type
      pyramids and aerial flips and of course, the pom poms. Wouldn't that be fun?
      I think Lily thought they were a toy for her, as I set them on the floor.

    2. lmao cute little costumes? hmmmm

      Have to watch what goes on the floor. Orlin thinks anything on the counter is a toy.

  6. Your friend is amazing. I try to avoid exercise, but in truth I need it;) I love me some potatoes. Take care.

    1. Mures
      Marilyn always talks about a nun who won in that big triathlon.... I forgot the name of it and where it is. Is it Iron Man or somethng like that?

      I love potatoes too. I hope mine grow. I never know how much to water them.

  7. Holy crap, she and I are the same age and I feel like I have accomplished something when I mow the lawn. Good luck to your friend. She sure sets the bar high.

    1. Patti
      Well maybe you have accomplished a great deal when you mow the lawn. My yard is pretty big and I feel the same way. There are age categories in those triathlons. She has been the only one in her division at times. When that happens, if you finish, you win. lol But what a high to even finish at that age.

  8. In Ireland, potatoes are planted on St. Brigit's day, in February. Go figure.

    1. Susan
      And if anyone knows anything about potatoes, it's the Irish. Oh maybe people in Idaho too. What's that saying? Something like, if it's not
      from Idaho, it's not a spud." That not it. Oh well

  9. you 78 friend sounds a wonderful lady to take part in such enthusiastic run, i find it hard in my 47 even wishes for her and
    hope your potatoes grow well my friend!

  10. baili
    How nice of you to visit. I welcome your visits. My friend does very
    well. She's been my best friend all of my life and we have always looked
    for the best health, naturally. I'm sure you are much peppier than we are. Ha
    Thanks on the spuds. I do too. LOL

  11. I agree everyone has a right to their opinion and I don't think name calling is called for in the blog world. Thank you for your comments in mine.

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