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Monday, February 27, 2017

One bad thing, one good thing

This is Lily,  10 mo. old Australian Shepherd
who side-swipped me from behind and sent
me flying. I landed hard (very hard) on a
pocket radio and broke my hand. This happened
last fall so I spent the winter with my right arm in a cast.  She is a
Sweetie and smart, smart, smart, like all Aussie dogs. I worked
with her in the house this winter and it's absolutely stunning to
see the results of our training hours.

But here's the bad thing. I love my home-made
sourdough bread and how could I knead bread dough with
my hand in a cast?

Here's the good thing.
Bosch bread dough mixer to
the rescue.  I am totally in love
with this appliance.  It mixes my dough
in 5 minutes. Why didn't I have this
years ago?  Perfect loaves. I have
always considered bread making an
art. I guess it took Lily to show me
an easier way.

My arm is now out of the cast and
recovering fast...... just in time
for summer gardening.

Ain't life grand.


  1. Pup sure looks happy as can be. That is one good thing about bad crap happening, maybe the only thing, we learn and sometimes find there are far easier ways to do things. Goes to show you can teach an old dog and new dog new tricks, huh? lol had to.

    1. Pat
      That's like finding the silver lining or the purple or what ever color lining you like. LOL
      Hahaha ....knew I could expect the old dog trick from you but I'm afraid it's true. Lots of tricks can YET be taught to this old dog. LOL
      These herding dogs are something else. They are so smart, it's scary. She learned English very soon and I know other owners who teach their dogs multi-languages. But all dogs, no matter how smart, have the same reaction to the word "come" if there is something else of dog interest, such as, a squirrel, another dog's butt, a gopher hole, a mud puddle or a thousand other scents. I've been working with her to come to a whistle and it's working fairly well...... if the things above are absent. Ha.

    2. haha yep, as soon as there is something with a scent that is new or that will run, off they go for the chase.

    3. Pat
      This pup is something else. There are usually dogs at the park where we go and there hasn't been one yet, who can outrun her. She is literally a streak. No wonder I was sent flying by her. Believe it or not, she out ran 2 whippets that were retired race dogs. I like that breed too, very little
      grooming, compared to Lily.

      The first few weeks my arm was in the cast, a rancher took her for a while and said she was a natural at herding, without any training. He also said this 6 mo. old pup was teaching his 2 year old Border Collie how to stay behind the cow, whereas his dog kept getting ahead. Now he wants Lily and I suppose she would be happy doing the thing she was meant to do but I love her too and she already is a great companion for me. I'm going to start her in agility soon and hope that can take the place of cows. But every time I see that rancher, he makes me feel guilty when he keeps offering to take Lily. I want her to be happy too and I'm hoping she won't need cows in her life. Hahaha

  2. I might put up with an accidental broken wrist for Lily.

    1. joeh
      Welllll, after all is said and over, maybe. I do love these herding dogs. Just ole cow dogs. This is my 3rd herding dog. A border collie.... age 16.... and another Aussie... age 14. I had wanted an older dog this time (cause I don't have 16 years...ha) but dogs are hard to find in these here hills. Ha.
      Other places talk about their overloaded kennels but here, they have a hundred applications for probably each dog. Shows what over-spaying can do. More puppies are available because people are too busy to go through that puppy stage. I'm half way there. LOL

  3. Sorry about the broken hand. I agree with Joeh. I bet she even wanted to kiss you and make it better later on. Those are some good looking bread:) Hope you are doing well.

    1. Murees
      She was going like a streak when she just barely glazed my side but it was enough to tip me off-balance. I was down on the ground and she came to an abrupt halt and came back and tried to sit on my lap and was licking my face. I was in so much pain (and I knew immediately that something was broken) that I just wanted her off me.

      Shortly 4 old women (in truth, I think they were younger than yours truly)
      came along with their fluff ball dogs and helped me to my car....... which was way on the other side of the horse race track. They wanted to drive
      me right to the hospital...... they were very nice..... but I just wanted to get home and I would call a girlfriend to drive me. I was able to drive home using my left hand. It was all quite an experience. LOL

      But you were right about Lily feeling bad for what happened.

  4. Lily is a Border Collie, that's what we call them here anyway. They are excellent sheep herder dogs, one of the smartest breeds there is. If you have one and don't have sheep, she will happily round up your kids and bring them home for dinner. They love to work and are a joy to train, they're so eager to please and learn quickly.

    1. River
      You are right that Lily has the markings of most Border Collies but she is definitely a registered Aussie. If you saw her full body next to the Border you could tell. A Border C. is more slender, has a tail and perhaps a thinner coat. There is some difference in the face too. Personalities are different too and I find the Border a little more aloof than the Aussie. We've had both breeds and both are smart as a whip but the Border is usually given credit as being the smartest dog breed ever.

      Australian Shepherds have a lot going on in the genetic line. They can be merles, tri's or just the black/white like Lily and so was Cody. They have a chunkier body with a bigger back-side. A mostly white Merle is something breeders want to avoid as these dogs can easily be blind or deaf. The genetics of Aussies makes for interesting breeding but it's more than I need to know. I just want to concentrate on the training if I have a healthy dog.

      I love both breeds and it sounds like they might be a joy in your eyes too. Thanks for the good dog words. They are a Joy and i know your Angel is too. All pets are great companions.

  5. Aww she is so pretty and looks quite sorry. Those herding dogs are so smart. So glad you are much better and have found a workable plan B for bread making.

    1. Patti
      She probably wasn't too pleased with me taking her picture. She has her
      mouth closed and it says in the "dog language" book that when dogs are relaxed, their mouth's are open.

      It's just a bowl and dough hooks and it works great AND I still can use my good sourdough recipe.

  6. Good to hear your arm is now out of the cast, Belva. Bad doggy! Good mixer!

    I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. I blame my genes.

  7. Blue Randy
    It's difficult to help yourself when it's in your genes. I tried it once
    and no-go. Or was it no-show.....I forgot. That must be in the
    genes, too.

  8. It's amazing how far the smell of fresh baked bread can travel or is it just that I haven't had breakfast yet. I could live on fresh bread and cheese which is the reason I haven't invested in a bread maker.

  9. JahTeh
    It does travel the wonderful tantalizing smell of coffee. I do go off coffee,
    sometimes for long periods, but walking by a coffee bar drives me crazy. Yummm
    fresh bread and goat cheese. It doesn't get any better.

  10. Life is grand! Sorry to hear about your is it feeling now??

  11. Keith
    That was unfortunate but stuff happens. I have so many things to be gratefor for, that it was only a small bump in my path. I hope your life is all colored "rosey" and good things continue to head your direction.
    Cheers to you, my friend

  12. Replies
    1. Dora
      Thanks but she has a ton of hair and needs constant brushing to
      really look good.
      I'm new to your blog but I also love the photo of your dog on your profile

  13. Glad to hear you're at the tail end of the healing process. I fell about five weeks ago. The hem came out of my pants and I went down hands full of school papers carefully organized and graded in a tote bag, purse and lunch in the other, face first. A concrete kiss if you will. I was so surprised at the extent of the damage done. My leg and knee are STILL slightly bruised. Fortunately nothing broke, but even so, I feel ya!!! I'm sure a broken anything hinders a lot of everything!

    Love your dog. What a beauty!! Glad to hear the training is going forward nicely. :)

    1. Dear Rosey
      That is the kind of "Kiss" you could do without. That is a big bummer and I can feel your pain and bruises. I hope you got out the needle and thread and repaired that hem. It's so shocking when one falls, as I just experienced also. One moment you're walking upright and the next moment you are looking at people's legs. I'm glad you didn't break anything......bruising is bad in itself and usually goes through a rainbow of
      She is still a puppy as she has one month to go before she is even one year old. Her birthday is in March (29th) and your daughter and I will share a MARCH birthday date too.