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Monday, February 6, 2017

Hackneyed Phrases

I guess we all tend to use our pet words or
phrases over and over but tell me why so
many people suddenly jump on the band 
wagon of certain phrases and use it until 
it's paper thin. 

Here are 3 overused phrases that make me groan.
     "Bring to the table." Ony bring to the table if
your "plate is full." Oops there's one.

     How about, "Kick the can down the road." 
We used to play kick the can when we were kids. Is that what
they mean?

     And another one, " At the end of the day."
Why does it always have to happen at day's end? Beats me.

Do you have any phrases that send you
screaming out of the room?


  1. "At this point in time" when "now" would be so much faster and means the same thing.
    There are others but I can't think of them right now.

    1. River
      Yes, there's another one. When I hear that one, I always imagine some hands on a big clock. Get the point.

      There are lots of them and I know I use my share.... but those were the ones that bug me and I'm sure mine bug others.

  2. I just like pointing out how stupid some of them are. Like "turning the tables" what happens if the table is round? Or "new and improved" can't be both, it's either new or its old and improved. The gloves are off, yet they have no gloves on. I could go on all day. Under the weather, aren't we all? Get the ball rolling, what ball? Come hell or highwater. I guarantee if either were to come, you wouldn't be doing what you say you would be.

    Okay I'm done lol

    1. Pat
      You are brilliant in writing about these. You tear them right apart and ask why. The gloves are off....that one always makes me smile as it seems to call for a fight but wouldn't one put the gloves "on" if they were going to fight? I don't know... but a lot of them are just fun to "make fun" of.

      Under the weather .... I guess I use that one phrase a lot for being sick. It makes me feel as if I had said "sick." Lol

      Thanks for your two cents. hahahaha

    2. The gloves are off might refer to earlier times when one removed a gloves to slap another across the face, thus challenging him to a duel.

  3. NOt quite the same, but things used to be worrisome, concerning or even scary; these days everything is "Terrifying." "Oh it's going to snow, I'm terrified!" "The price of gas is going up, it's terrifying."
    Get a grip people!

    1. joeh
      Terrifying it is. I don't know if certain things would terrify me but when I'm really terrified, my "hair stands on end." Another one. Hahah

  4. "Get with the program," meaning what ever you are thinking is wrong.

    1. Pattie
      Yeah, through these phrases, there are a lot of polite ways to tell someone they "are all wet"...another one. tee hee

  5. Dear Peppy
    Even though all those old sayings are a pain in the neck (there's another...Ha) They all carry a grain of truth. lol

  6. Thank you for visiting and commenting in my blog. Because of health I'm "not up to par" in it. A saying my dear friend used often was so and so has their "tail over the dash". Meaning they were angry about something.

  7. Paula
    You bring "new meat to the table" (another one).
    You just sprung a new one on me. I'll have to use
    it and wonder if anyone would know what I mean. Hahaha