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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wheeee.....Look at us go

Lately I'm hearing words floating around me, such as, "health care,
affordable health and other words with the word "health" attached.
As I see it, it's mostly said by people who are sick, in fact, dying
so why do they attach the word health to it?

So I say to myself, "Dummy-self, it's Western medicine.  Get It?"
Yeah now I do. It's the high-priced poison they entered into the
Merck Manual when they removed all the natural remedies that
we already had in our cupboards or growing wild in our
backyards.  Oh yeah, right.  Finish big conversation with myself.

I'm not a real hard-nose about all Western medicine, in fact  a
western medical doctor recently put a cast on my broken arm.
It's a wonderful thing for acute medical needs; for accidents and
sudden life-threatening rips and tears to a body.

My arm was giving me pain at night and I couldn't sleep. The
medical people were ready with Rx pad and pen in hand, ready to
write out something for me to take to the pharmacy. I asked if
they would OK a medical cannabis card for me.  After much
hemming and hawing and "we'll get back to you, I never heard
from them BUT a small jar of the oil suddenly appeared beside
my bed and it worked like a miracle charm. Thank you Fairy
Godmother, and with the relief of pain, I could get a good night's

So you are asking what I do when I'm sick. (maybe) I'm really
never sick..... hardly ever in my life. Yes, there's the usual wear
and tear on the organs because they've been busy quite a number
of years. I use mostl Eastern medicine and quite a lot of medical
mushrooms. (that is not the psychedelic ones).  It just kinda keeps
me healthy.

A lot of the Chinese formulas include herbs that restore color to
hair. He Shou Wu is one such herb that is used in many formulas.
I used to put a brown henna on my hair but haven't in over a year.  I
kept noticing in the mirror that my hair was looking darker and the new
growth of hair coming in around my forehead was black. Get this,
my hair, all over my head, is dark, dark.... almost black.  I feel
enbarrassed now, as I know people are saying, "Look at that old
broad, dying her hair so witchy black." No kidding, it's for real.

I've probably been overdoing it (but for my liver and not hair) as I
was going for a teaspoon but just did a guess chug-a-lug.

I do sincerely  hope all you users of western medicine can get your
health ins, at a reasonable price and I drink to your good health.
(I'm sipping an eastern tea) and I'm not making fun of western
medicine. I use it myself when there's an acute need.


  1. Yeah, it has its place and can save your life when you break a leg or arm or appendix is about to explode. Those are needs. All this other crap people think is a need but it's not. They confuse need with lazy and continue to be blind sheep. Now some drugs may be needed to get them in line until they get off their lazy arse and get themselves into a place where they don't need them, but sooooo few every do that. They take the drug and just do what they've always done, which leads to more crap wrong.

    One day I'd like that fairy to drop some of that oil nearby, see if it would do anything for the crummy nerve garbage. Knowing my luck I'd be allergic though lol

    Looked up the He Shou Wu. That seems to be good for a lot, although I hardly trust the sites selling it as some get fake reviews by the ton. When I get some dough may have to give it a go, as said that was good for nerves too, knowing my luck I'd be allergic though lol easier to list off what I'm not allergic to than to what I am, stupid body.

    1. Pat
      On YT, I've watched some pretty good vids about making cannabis oil in Canada. I always thought it was easier to obtain in

      On YT, I've watched some pretty good vids on making cannabis oil in
      Canada. I always thought it was easier to obtain in Canada then here. I don't know. A lot of states have voted for the medical but just as in my
      case, try to find a doctor who will give you a card. It's no profit to the doctors and they probably catch hell from big pharma. This medical doctor, Jennifer Daniels, who now lives in Panama, has some chilling vids on YT of how the AMA took away her lic. and she had to leave the country
      if she wanted to continue to practice medicine. She was using a lot of natural ingredients in her patient's healing, a no-no in an allocathic world.

      I do like the Chinese herbs for healing and energy. I really never believed herbs would restore color to grey hair but it did. I think one has to have the right color eyes and skin to be topped off by white hair and it was never my thing. But.....very dark hair and wrinkles doesn't seem the way to go, either. Oh, who really cares as long as one is healthy and that is really the truth. Pat, there's got to be a cure for your problems and I'm positive it's in something natural. Well, you know my thoughts on that subject. Adios

    2. Healthy sure is the key. haha cure huh? Not so far at my sea.v Amazing how they kick doctors out who actually try and help.

  2. I use western medicines when I have a need, but thankfully I am rarely ill. I seem to stay healthy and can probably thank my genetic makeup for that.
    I won't bother looking up the He Shou Wu, it probably isn't available here and I like my grey hair anyway. It's a much softer from for my aging face than a dark colour would be, because I was originally a blonde.

    1. River
      I agree. Choose your parents carefully. Haha Cause it's all in the genes. I guess some people take He Shou Wu to restore hair color but it's also a wonderful herb for many ailments. Truth is, I'm past the age of giving two hoots (my grandmother used that phrase) about looks. I just want to continue to have good health so I can live in my house.

      A natural blond.... woo hoo Men always seem to prefer blonds. I tried it once but I looked like a cookie that was taken out of the oven too soon. Half-baked. My husband laughed and laughed. I was back to the shop the next morning pleading with the colorist to make me brown again.
      Hahaha I guess one looks the best in what they are born with.

  3. I rely on my white hair to save me from the heavy lifting chores so I will keep it. However, I will keep the Cannabis oil in mind should I ever need it as our state just went for medical usage. You are the second to mention its wonderful powers.

  4. Patti
    Lucky you for not having to lift. I don't care what color hair I had, I'd never find anyone to lift for me. Where do you find them? We have a shelter here, "God's Love" and for the absolutely heavy things, I get them, but they don't care about color of hair.... they just want some cash. Hahaha

    Arkansas just got medical cannabis, too. good. Now, though, I find it's difficult to find a doctor who will give me a card, but that doesn't necessarily mean one can't find some. It works great for arthritis pain, I've been told.

  5. That's amazing! Must copy this all down. Could use it all.

    1. Susan
      I see you are up and around. I hope it's all clicking again.

  6. Also used for preventive medicine. Affordable Health Care is also used for preventive health care. Tests for certain cancers, health care for pregnant women and unborn babies that can halt complications, advice about diet and exercise, treatment for chronic conditions that may or may not be life threatening. Those and so much more should be available to everyone. Many require no chemicals. I also believe that certain foods help take care of certain problems and I don't believe in running to the doctor for every little sniffle. A good combination of health insurance and diet should make lives much easier.

    1. Emma
      Thank you for the informative comment. I think that about nails the whole
      health controversy...a good health insurance and diet. I'd like to control my health completely by diet but I have to admit that once in a while that
      old sugar demon beckons to me. I've always heard, "eat like your ancestor

    2. oops... got published before I wanted.
      "eat like your ancestors" and they ate
      a fair amount of sugar and most lives to 100.
      I think it was the lack of processed food they
      did not have access to. I try to avoid that too.

  7. Hey Belva! I've had a crappy 2016 due to health problems and I've been on so many medications I swear I can feel my body rebelling, but the doctors assure me it's not. I've actually been urged to consider eastern medicine as an alternative and now I'm reading about you having good experiences with it. So, I'm reconsidering it, or at least a more natural medicinal approach.

    I hope your arm feels better soon. Take good care of yourself. Thank you for letting me know that Manzanita retired:) I know Belva is just as cool:)

  8. Murees
    I believe it when I say, there is nothing worse than ill health. I've always had faith in herbs and that is what Eastern medicine consists of. That is used when you really want to heal the body. Western surgeons are very skilled and can repair a body that has suffered acute trauma. Western pharmaceuiticals are also a great band-aide in a time of acute trama but for actually healing a body, I turn to natural medicine. That works for me but I think each person has to follow the method where their belief system lies.

    Murees, I also do believe that if you give your body a chance, it will tell you what it needs. That comes with learning to trust your body in what it tells you. I've just had a "lot" of years in getting to know my body. Hahaha

    Thank you for visiting me here and yes, it was time to retire Manzanita. lol

  9. The men on my kids' dad's side keep black hair for so very long. I think it's a Native American thing. I'm 46 and have a few already. I'm a pasty white girl though. ;) Maybe I should give it a go! My son's wife and my second oldest son's girlfriend are both very much into natural remedies. They've taught me quite a bit. I'm glad you got your mystery delivery of oil and it helped. ;)

  10. Rosey
    I wasn't taking the herbs for my hair but it was just a side benefit. Some may call it a benefit but I still think I just look like an old lady who dyes her hair too
    I think I noticed on pictures of your kids how dark the color of their hair. Looks
    like beautiful healthy hair.

  11. Thank you for letting me know that Manzanita retired:) I know Belva is just as cool:)

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