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Monday, January 23, 2017

Rerun Time

Women are at it again. They want to be heard (I guess)
so they brought in the big guns or old guns, namely
Gloria Steinem, age 82, in..... back to the 60's.

Are things better,  are women happy?  I guess not because I hear the same ole
complaints. It's like a re-run for me and I didn't fall for it the first time.

I'm going to try to make this brief, but don't believe me, look it up

In the 60's, Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA and her mission was
to promote feminism, break up the American families and get women
yearning after mundane jobs while all the while, she was boinking
Henry Kissinger, then Sec. of State under Nixon.  Of course that was
the part the media tried to keep under the rose.

Kissinger was strongly blamed for taking an active part in the bombing
and killing of the innocent Cambodians.

Here's the plan as I could see it and it takes quite a few years to put
it all together. (and I've had the years)

Tear apart the family structure, introduce 
cocaine to the kids, emphasize abortion, one-
parent families make for lonely kids who
can become easily duped. 

Then it became time to open the borders and
and let in the large Islamic famlies. After 
several generations, the Americans would be
totally outnumbered and brought to their knees. 

The agenda of the NWO. Look that one up too.
They do tell you ahead of time what to expect.  


  1. I didn't know she boinked Kissinger.

    1. joeh
      Oh, he was better looking back then. Hahaha

  2. lol haven't heard it called boinked for a while

    It is rather pathetic how bad it has gotten. Both parents need to work because society tells them they need to and they need all this crap. Then they get in so much debt that both parents have to work more and more. Never ending cycle and the kids suffer because their parents never have time for them or are half asleep when they do. Parents then treat kids as a burden and round and round it goes.

    1. Right on Pat
      I'm surprised you heard that word at all, it was so far before your time.

      I am totally out of step with today but I often wonder ....say if I were your age, what would I be? If I had my same parents I would still have my same
      values. I do know some young girls who are being raised with the old
      fashioned values and it seems to be working. But they do each have one
      passionate hobby which does not leave them with a lot of spare time.

      Even to have one baby now, the law dictates what the child/baby can sit in while riding in a car. I remember my sister-in-law and their first child. All they had to drive was an old beat-up pick-up, no brakes and they had to start it in 2nd.

      The toddler would stand in the seat half behind the mother and she would put her arm out to keep the kid from falling. She was always busy shifting gears because it was used to brake too. Everyone grew up just fine, too. LOL

    2. Watching a lot of movies lets me hear a lot of words haha

      Yeah, sooo much crap nowadays, some for the better as safety goes. But even I didn't have all that crap. Not sure how I got out of childhood alive compared to these pimp pots now. If you listen to them I should have died 100 times over. Common sense is what truly matters and sadly, not many of the sheep have it these days.

      One hobby is good, especially when it is something they want to do. So many parents force kids into so much crap and most of the time they don't even like it.

    3. Pat
      You're so funny.... Yeah one can get a good education just watching movies. Call it, "Earn a movieland degree" all for the price of a cable. I've always said that you have more information inside of that young head than old people like me who have been gathering it all their lives.

      I had one daughter who was an ice skater. She had no sopare time to get in trouble (well, not much Those kids just about had to live at the rink when they were not in school. The rink gave them a special room where they could do their homework. It was quiet.... they could study inbetween going out on the ice.

      I wanted each kid to at least, try a musical instrument. One older son chose the guitar and I spent so much time driving him to lessons, waiting for him, and then he wouldn't practice. I was read to give up when he caught fire and today he thanks me for staying in there for him because he's now retired and still plays in bands with his buddies.

      I don't know how I could raise kids today. I'd have to live off the grid.
      Helena is kinda like living off the grid but it is still pockets of punks. Would that make a good title for a song? Pockets of punks?

  3. A DELIBERATE plan to "Tear apart the family structure, introduce cocaine to the kids, emphasize abortion, one-
    parent families make for lonely kids who
    can become easily duped"?
    That's horrendous!

  4. We have a one-parent home now. It's a lot harder than a two parent home, and I'm constantly wondering if I'm giving the kids enough time. It's definitely an adjustment.

  5. Rosey
    I know and you know I know. With both of us, a one-family life-style was forced upon us. We didn't go out carrying signs, burning bras, wanting the govt. to take care of us. I saw all that nonsense and hysteria back in the 60's, 70's and are women any happier now? No way. In fact all those screaming for big govt. to take care of them appear to be the most miserable.

    I think you know that I changed to this blog for a purpose. I'm sick of namby-pamby, la la land posts. Before I die, I'd like to find some "truth." I mean truth in history, truth is govt. truth in myself and why I've sometimes caved into others ideas because I want to be NICE. There is truth if we dig for it and I will do just that with the time that I have left.

    I hope people disagree with me, agree with me or just tell "their truth."
    You are being a mother to be proud of and Lucille would be the proudest of all.

  6. "Tear apart the family structure, introduce cocaine to the kids, emphasize abortion, one-

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