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Sunday, January 1, 2017

As History Takes Place in My Lifetime

Way, way back, when I was a wee one, most countries were in
isolation and didn't mess in each other's politics. The reason
was just sheer distance. Lindbergh's flight to Paris in 1927
(3 years before I was born) was a scary trip made in 33 1/2 hrs.

We all know how flying has changed in the past century.  If
one stands at the edge of Florida, Cuba can almost be seen
but during the years prohibiting travel to Cuba, I know of
people who flew up to Canada and then were able to fly to
Cuba. Take the long way, baby.

Even in 1950, it took me a week to travel to Spain by boat.
Air flight was beginning to be popular but most people
"took to the sea. "  And these were mostly people travelling
for business or for a specific reason,  not the "vacation
cruise" that is popular now.

When I started schooI, it was at a time when we felt safe with
an army of 185,000 men and without any American made
boots on foreign soil.

The Dulles brothers were alive and most likely playing with
their little tin soldiers, planning their adult sordid strategies
but at that time in history, the CIA was not yet in existence
but the OSS was the main intelligence information gatherer.

I find the Dulles boys to be the most evil influence to our
country during my lifetime. When I was in high
school, they had not yet begun grabbing foreign countries for
it's resources, deposing the governments and setting up their
own puppets. Yup, they became masters at it and set the stage
for today's foreign-soil grabs.

We are all living in history. Your grandkids will be reading
about the events that are now taking place during your life
time. I find it hard to understand why so many people are closing
their eyes and ears to what is giving shape to our world right now.

So far, I've lived through 87 years of history and we didn't aways
have this exciting electronic media that gives us instant news.
But we now have dilligent and accurate historians who provide
great sources to help clarify the memory.

I will be prodding my memory for historical events taking
place during my lifetime.

I invite you to join me on this 1st day of 2017


  1. Yep, soooo pathetic how things are set up these days, all for greed and power. Eventually that boiling point will come and crap will hit the fan. But then they'll spin a new yarn and blame it on some made up enemy so the sheep will fall in line. History can so easily be changed now with the internet. Some moron types something and 50,000 believe it, poof, now it is history, in their feeble mind at least. They are even trying to PC history, pfffft, pathetic times.

    1. What bugs me most about govt. is how they've taken over education. Reagan, who is the Republican's darling ran on education reform and when he got elected, there was no more mention about education, By this time the Skull and Bones people had already taken over the schools and our kids don't know how to think for thenselves. Now kids feel totally entitled and think for the collective. Canada is about # 2 on the edu. ladder. Look at youl......You are a walking information center..... Ha
      So many American kids were interviewed on the past election and didn't have a clue "why" they were voting a certain way. Whatever works, I guess..

    2. Clueless is the new smart. That's why my students (at least 70% of them) are helpless without their "smart" phone.

    3. Blue
      Smart phones for dumb people. Yeah, everyone wants to be dumb. It's the new rage. How do you make that one into a song?

  2. Hum, think I need to do a bit of reading about the Dulles brothers. As much as I love the internet,the dangers are so real. Fake news to idiotic statements thrown into the ether to find traction as truth scare me. Yikes.

    1. Patti
      I gave up listening to (and believing) any TV news. I believe the news reporters hands are tied and have certain rules and limits as to what they can print because the news programs are owned/controlled by 7 (I think) people. Radio is a little better now. I keep a radio on all the time and get somewhat a smattering of what's real. Sometimes videos on YT can be a good source of the truth and it also works in the opposite direction too.
      How's one to know?

  3. I remember a few things that changed my life, when we got our first refrigerator to replace the old ice chest, when planes began flying over our town and people would rush outside to get a glimpse, television, then colour television and somewhere in between, man walked on the moon. Since then, so much has happened and so fast too, computers went from being a whole room of machines to small hand held devices and of course the internet and blogging, which is all good. What I don't like, is the games which draw people in and they spend days at a time playing angry birds or some other similar game without even noticing time passing, let alone getting anything else done. I also dislike the 'downfall' of television which now shows not much more than 'reality' shows, and game shows in between all the sports and advertisements. There's just no quality there anymore.

    1. River do remember all the changes. Plumbing was a big one for me. Just this week-end my son was talking about some kids saying they are poor and they have every gadget known to man. Then he directed words at me and said, "they could never survive one min. if they had to live like you grew up." .... I didn't think he really ever knew.

      I guess if one lives long enough, they will see many changes and not all for the better.

    2. I remember when we got our first color television-the Three Stooges cartoon was the first show we watched. Not nearly as remarkable as the first refrigerator, but something.

    3. Al
      I still love Larry, Moe and Curly. I remember the great advertising songs.
      The old Milton Berle Texaco song was my fav. Then there was Dinah Shore singing the "See the USA in your Cheverlot." This song prob. sold more chevies than can be imagined. Ha

      What a relief it was to get rid of emptying the old ice box pan.

  4. The lack of historical knowledge/perspective exhibited by many people-not just the youth-alarms me. I often become philosophical when I think about how we are living in a history which will eventually find its way into books (I hope we still have those in the future). Wouldn't it be a hoot to read how people viewed the early 21st Century in the early 22nd Century? Come to think of it, that may be depressing.

    1. Hey Al
      I have that feeling that many, many people are waking up to all of the things we used to talk about. I really never thought I would see this in my lifetime. It's an elevation of thoughts and spirit..... like cream rising to the top. Speaking of which...... wouldn't it be a health boon to buy raw milk again? When I had the B&B, I milked a goat every day, Now that's real class. Don't you think? Raw goat milk is the very best.... also will heal wounds on the skin and it was used just for that purpose in Poland (as I was talking about somewhere above) during WW1 .... as they had no other medicine. A health tip..... I chew on goat milk pills every day. Mine come from NZ and I feel it's the next best thing to owning a goat. Although a goat can also serve as a lawn mower. Ha

      I'm gonna miss you on your hiatus. Happyi finding yourself.

  5. I think it was Churchill who said something along the lines that history is written by the winner. That always makes me wonder just how much I've read that was wrong, slanted badly, or left out altogether even when I was in school. I read or heard recently that the curriculum for American History in schools is now being changed to not include anything about the Founding Fathers, the American Revolution... really anything about the early years. I suppose the thinking is that if young people knew that this country began out of the people's desire to get out from under the oppressive thumb of England it might give them ideas. As I said, history is written by the winners. But the current winners might be taking a loss in the future if international politics (and even this election) are any guide. Wouldn't you love to see the global corporate elite lose it all in your lifetime? Of course, they will work on a slow rebuild, but not in my lifetime if this is actually successful. For all the people that gripe about 2016, I think it was damned awesome... my health improved and the world seems to be waking up to what is going on with the Wizards. As some would say, that's a 360 win.

    I read your older blogs, but didn't comment (as I wasn't sure you'd see it). I'm so sorry about Cody, thrilled about the puppy (pictures??? Please!), and I always loved your Wanna Buy A Duck blog. It wasn't juvenile at all. If you felt like you had to censor yourself because you wouldn't make everyone happy (and chose to "play it safe" with lighter material), I suppose you discovered the inevitable truth. You're never gonna make everyone happy. You might as well please yourself so that ONE person is loving what you're doing. :)

    1. Robin
      Thanks for writing such a mindful comment. You always do, though. I didn't know Winnie said that. It's true though. Never hear anything from the side of our American Indians. It makes me cry when I hear how history is being mutilated but what's new there, too. I get soooo excited beyond belief, when I discover a new historian who really tells the truth. I don't know of any author who can make up fiction that can hold a candle to the real history. Sooo exciting ..... I get goose bumps just thinking about history. I discovered history in the making when I was 9 and it really opened my eyes. It was in 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland and the only vehicle for our news was "the eyes and ears of the world" news before the movies (in the theaters of course). We also had radios and newspapers and the reporters were thought to write the truth back then. Although, now I'm not so sure.

      I'm happy for your happiness in the past year. Your good health is really a gift placed on your door step. (stoop, as they say in the East)
      You take care of yourself.

  6. I'm not overly thrilled with everything being electronic. It's convenient and nice, and I use it often, but I also think we're setting ourselves up for trouble and no one wants to do a thing to stop it...well because that would be inconvenient...and not nice. lol We def. live by our feelings rather than smarts in so many cases.

    How interesting that you'll be sharing your memories of historical facts! Looking forward to it.

  7. Rosey
    I love the fact that we can have all the wonderful information at our fingertips. It's so amazing to me. But...... everything that provides us this pleasure is also tied up to a grid that could go poof. If having water and a small piece of land was the difference between survival and death, I do believe that many of the younger people couldn't survive and perhaps many of the older population would not want to go through such a harsh life again so everything would just wither away. We might all be better if we could not reach out so far from home and we would all
    stay in our own little Mayberry. lol

  8. I've read too much about the Dulles Brothers and their domino effect excuse for Vietnam. Today we have a chance to sort through the fake news and it's instant, we don't have to wait 12 months to realize we'd been sold a pup.

    As for Churchill, he was intelligent but completely bonkers but had the edge on Hitler also completely bonkers but no imagination to match Churchill. Now that some of the war papers are being released, it is frightening how close the whole thing was. Australia had General Blamey as our bonkers and his US partner in bonkers, MacArthur.
    I love the internet but can't work a smartphone or programme the TV and if they ever bring out a smart toaster, there goes breakfast.

  9. I have told my grandchildren of the many historic moments I remember. Most are simply family stories but things that affect many more people are there too. I think it's time for a post or two about my memories. I hope you don't mind me lifting your ideas and thank you.