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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Some Changes

Perhaps you've noticed that lately I've been "ho-hum" about blogging.

At first I wanted a new name for my blog. For years it had been "Wanna
Buy a Duck" by Manzanita. The duck part had been kinda stupidly
whimsical and Manzanita was my stage name from my flamenco
dancing days.  Boring and more boring.  Add those two together and
you come up with "A Most Very Boring Blog." That would have been a
good name for it.

But I got rid of the name of the blog and fake name in one flat-fell
swoop. Belva Block (my own name) took care of both. So much for labels
BUT what about the cutesy weiwtsy boring blog content?

I gave it some long thought. Was a year long enough cause I'm ONE slow
thinker and finally came to the conclusion that my blog was a piece of
crap. It was so juvenile that I couldn't even stand to read it.  I now
thank all of the kind long-suffering people who stayed with me......"in
spite of. " Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My conclusion..........
I will write about what is of interest to ME and since I am often
labeled WEIRD,  it may be of NO absolute interest to anyone else.

What then?  Well it could become just my own little diary.
I must stop because my favorite radio talk show guy is on now.
Oh, that would be Mark Steyne.



  1. "Manzanita was my stage name from my flamenco
    dancing days." Manzanita...Stage name...FLAMINCO DANCING DAYS! How can any of that make a boring person?

    1. Hey Joe
      Hope you are having one terrific New Years party tonight. Let's all
      toast to a bang-up new year.

  2. But what if I still wanna buy a duck? lol

    Write about what you like, if others don't like it they can take a hike. Only way you enjoy it is if you write what you enjoy, or you are a crazy rhyming cat.

    1. Pat
      Do you have your list of New Year's wishes all ready for the stroke of
      midnight? These years are coming around faster and faster.

  3. I've often wondered about my own blog and all the 'fluff' I write. Is anyone really interested or are they just loyal? I hope they're interested...

    1. River
      I've thought of not having any comments. That way people can read mine or not and I wouldn't know. It would be kinda like writing in my diary..... just getting it off my chest.

  4. Well you never bored me and I often learned from you. I'll be here regardless of what you call yourself for you have had a facinating life and now lead and interesting one.

    1. Patti
      We've been reading each other's blogs for some time now. Time surely does pass quickly as marked by tonight, New Year's Eve.... as I write. I hope you are doing something wonderfully special to start off another year.

  5. I never thought your blog was boring. It's one of my faves. Here to wish you a Happy New Year!

  6. Rosie,
    Well here we are, in a brand new year again. Lots of things can happen during the space of a year. Changes run amok for some people. It's mostly the ebb and flow of life and we have to go along for the ride, be it bumpy or smooth.
    After all this thought provoking stull.... Happy New Year