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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Let's Remember

I used to sing a song about "Remembering Pearl Harbor' when I was
11 years. I do remember but I bet I may be nearly the only person who
remembers that particular Sunday morning.

     Let's remember Pearl Harbor as we go to meet the foe
     Let's remember Pearl Harbor as we do the Alamo
     We will always remember how they died for liberty
     Let's remember Pearl Harbor and go on to victory
     (drum roll as it was a kind of a marchine song)

Enough said about something that happened 75 years ago.  We have
other problems today.


Twice this week, while outdoors, I heard a chorus of honking
from up above. I just stood quietly in awe, watching the perfect
formations of flying geese. Canadian Honkers, I guess you would
call them, as several V formations darkened the space directly
above me. much joy in freedom of flight. There
is nothing more beautiful than flapping wings, seperated by
precise spacing.

I always wonder how they came to know how to do
this and who was the smart bird to invent the whole process.
This time I went in the house and looked it up online but I found
out that knowing the science behind it took away a bit of the
mystique.  I ran into words like down/up wash and drag force and
I really didn't need that much information.

It just seemed to detract from the wonderment of it all and I'm
happy with certain things remaining a mystery.


  1. I love watching those geese fly over in formation. It is a mess when they land.

    1. Amen to that, Joe
      Then you play, "Try to find a place to step that is clear of goose poop." A fun game. Played it. Ha

  2. I swear I've become more cynical about what happened 75 years ago. I honor those who died, but, yes, I have become more cynical.
    And sad because it doesn't have the market cornered on days of infamy.

    1. I know what you mean. Some say this "destroy America" goes back to FDR but I'd say it goes back at least to Wilson and perhaps beyond that. My father was in active duty for the whole war and had ships blown out from under him. He loved America and always wore that little flag pin and I'm glad he can't see what has happened..... But .... trust me..... my gut flip-flopped the second I saw Trump come down the elevator. He's the ONE..... I just suddenly knew. Evidently a lot of other people also knew. Hahaha What a cabinet he's putting together. Now if we can just keep him out of harms way.

    2. The Imperialist Japanese were bad dudes, to be sure (to say nothing of the Nazis). But, part of me can't help thinking we pushed them into it (FDR was hell-bent on getting us into the war in any event). Not everything is black and white. I'd be on the side of the US unquestionably, but there are shades of gray.
      Absolutely agree with you about Wilson and beyond that.
      And Trump.

  3. The geese sure know where to go, that is mostly what I know haha Look at you posting once more, the arm no longer a chore?

    Ugg always some crap going on it seems.

    1. Pat
      Cast is off and I have a brace thingy and exercise it. It hurts soooo bad when I move it and I'm sick of hearing the "age thing." Yeah, yeah.... I know. Every time I go in, they say, If you were 5 you'd be healed in 2
      weeks..... well I'm not so they can stop saying it. blaaat

      I don't know how you can type so fast with one hand...... but.... my left arm has become much, much stronger and I've even learned how to cut with a scissors on ole lefty...hahaha

    2. haha yep, you sure learn to do a lot with the other hand and make it stronger. Yeah, hearing that crap sucks a ton. Comment sense but people still need to say it.

  4. So delighted to see a post by you on my list. You have been missed!! I was too young to remember Pearl Harbor but I do remember the days when the war ended in Europe and Japan. There was lots of drinking, hollering and just joy.
    I've never seen the geese fly over and hope I do someday.

    1. Patti
      Thanks....and I've missed all you gals and guys too. I'd sneak a peek at
      the blogs once in a while but hunting and pecking was so annoyingly slow. I broke my arm, if you didn't know but I'll post on it.

      All that respect we had for the flag has been shattered but I have a feeling it may return.
      Maybe the geese don't fly over your house because you have warmer winters and they don't go south. ?????

  5. Welcome back! :)
    I love watching birds flying in formation, seeing the lead bird drop back and another take his place.
    Earlier this year I witnessed a couple of bigger birds swooping around with younger, smaller birds teaching them them the art of keeping in place and was quite upset that I'd chosen to leave my camera at home that day. I remember the birds holding formation while the smallest fluttered frantically to catch up and join the line, then off they went, swooping and turning. I believe they were pigeons.

    1. River....
      That must have been fascinating to watch. It's so fantastic the way the older members of nature teach the younger. Just as humans teach (or are supposed to) teach their young. So many new discoveries every day.... if we just pay attention.

      Thanks for the welcome back.

  6. That's a good question: Who was the smart bird... You may have guessed that I wouldn't know either.

  7. Blue Man
    It's a good sign if you don't know because never-the -less, I always think of you
    as one of the smart birds.