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Monday, May 22, 2017


Why is it, when portraying a group of inebriated men, they 
are often singing in harmony,  "There's a Long, Long trail
Winding, Into the Land of My Dreams?"
(WOW....that is a discombobulated sentence but did you get the gist?)
I mean in old movies, re-runs, etc.

To the precious, illustrious delight of my soul, MASH re-runs are being shown
on TV in the late afternoon. I truly, truly, truly love MASH, my most favorite TV
series ever and forever and even after that.

Yesterday, Hawkeye, BJ and Colonel Potter were drinking their home-made hootch
and of course, singing in sweet harmony the "Long, Long Trail...." song.

In my circle of acquaintences and friends, I am the only person who has this
passion for MASH. This fact made me ponder the "why am I always on the other
side of the fence" question. Truthfully, I didn't come up with a bona fide answer
but I did come up with an answer as to why Col. Potter was my favorite
commander of the 4077.  Col. Potter's character is honesty to a fault, like a
Sagittarius.  He was a fun rounder with the boys but treated his wife and
women in general, with extreme high esteem.

Of course, I just described my husband. In all the years we were married I
honestly never once heard him use any words of profanity, not even a little
hell, or damn. comes the day he had his buddies over
and they were in the living room as I came back from shopping and entered
by way the back door.
As I was putting away groceries I could hear their voices and laughter
swelling with each joke they told.  Oh my goodness, I could hear my husband's
voice tossing around the f-word, telling bawdy stories, being one of the boys.
It's called "locker room talk" and I sneaked out of the house and never told
him I had been there.

Reminds me a little of the "shock" of some women over a Trump smut word.
"Why my husband would never say that," they deny with a smirk.  Oh yeah,
babe, think again. Those are my ideal men because they are real men.

OK, so I wandered off the subject again. Big deal. I'll have my Turkish coffee,
get all buzzed up,  take the old pick-up to get 20 bags of fertilizer so I'll be free
 to watch a couple episodes of MASH later on today.
Life is good.


  1. That is a lot of fertilizer. I'm sure the NSA just flagged you lol wave to them.

    I enjoyed MASH. My uncle watched it every day when it was on and I think I've pretty much seen every episode.

    Oh yeah, many sure talk different with buddies or behind closed doors. I use the f-bomb here and there but never just f this, f that. I met one guy recently who said it every other word. He had the vocabulary of a newt and the brain cells of one to boot. Pffft to those people. I'll stick with talking to the cats lol

  2. Pat
    I just waved. hahaha
    See, MASH seems to be more of guy series but I love the characters, their strength, the comedy and the old transport ambulance with the big red cross on it. It reminds me of the station wagon we used to transport the nurses when I was a psych nurse. Prob. the same year. We'd all fight over who would drive it. I was 18...haha. I bet you don't believe I was ever 18. LOL

    I'll bet you and your uncle had a great time watching MASH togeter.

    Yeah, you didn't have me fooled for a minute. I always suspected you sneaked out a few F-words when out with the boys. Hahahahaha
    Yeah it's the kind of guys (and many gals) who know no other words. Plenty of them here in Montana but they love their horses and their dogs, so it's OK with me and If I had a flat tire, they'd stop to help. MT people are unsophisticated but most of them have a good heart.

    As long as you have the cats and I have the dog and my pick up....we'll be OK. Ha

  3. Howdy, BELVA!
    I just recently discovered and started following your blog. I think I found it from a comment you left on my good friend Robin's 'Battle Of The Bands' post @ 'Your Daily Dose'.

    I read a few of your older posts and saw the mention of Turkish coffee. It sounded like something I'd like to try. The day before yesterday I was in a grocery store which carries an extremely large selection of different coffees, but they didn't have Turkish coffee. So, now I'm wondering, where do you find that?

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    POSTSCRIPT: I worked on MASH during its final 5 seasons. Even so, I'm not the fan of it that you are [*he says sheepishly*].

    1. Stephen
      I recently discovered Turkish coffee and I love how it gives me energy. It's not that shaky kind of energy I get from regular coffee, that tends to make me chatter on and on about nothing. This just gives me plain, solid energy and if I drink it too late in the day, it will keep me awake at night.

      I send for mine on Amazon. I doubt if one could find it in this town, too.

      I bought the small electric pot to make it in. The traditional way is with that little metal pot that you put on the stove. There are a lot of vids on YT and I learned how to make it by watching them. There seems to be one accepted traditional method of making it but people add a few little variations of their own.

      You worked on MASH. How exciting that must have been. Well, it would have been for me but maybe not so much for you if you're not that much of a fan. So that must mean you work in the film industry. That alone, always excites me.
      Thanks for coming by and I'll be over and visit you.

    2. Hello again, BELVA. Thanks for the info on the Turkish coffee. Sounds a bit too complicated for me. Anything I can't do with my Keurig machine is just too much work for a low-tech, low-maintenance guy like me.

      I did, however, discover recently a brewery near me that makes a Turkish Coffee Lager beer that I really like. Guess that'll have to do.

      Below is a URL to something I wrote years ago about my time on MASH. You may find it interesting seeing as how you are a major fan of the show:

      ~ D-FensDogG
      STMcC Presents 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS'

    3. Stephen
      I just found this and it is the biggest treat I have read in a long time.
      (I've fallen so far behind on my yard work and gardens, I don't get on my blog very often).
      Thank you, thank you for calling my attention to your blog post on MASH. It was such a delight reading your first hand information and impressions on shooting the series. What grand memories you have and yet, you say you are not a fan! I'm not a giddy, star-struck fan of actors....... I'm far too old and brittle around the edges.......but I loved your post of 5 years ago.

      Why do I love MASH so much? Memories perhaps. During the Korean
      War I was living my own little MASH in Morocco where American air bases had been built. Bombs were not being dropped on us but there was also a civil war going on that I'd often get in the middle of as I pushed my babies in their pram. I guess it was kinda like a war within a war....hey, a double war. But that was long ago and now my consulation (words from the song Star Dust) is in the authenticity of MASH.
      I'll have to tell my youngest son as he's as goo-goo-eyed over the program as I am. He's never looked at my blog, but perhaps now, he will. Ha
      This is really neat. Thanks again.
      I better end this as it's time for all old broads to be asleep.

    4. Thanks for the comment, BELVA. I'm pleased that you enjoyed that old blog post of mine.

      I took too much for granted when I was young and didn't realize how unique the moment was until it was in the past. Oh, well. I guess most young folks make that mistake.

      I'm very much anti-war, but I'm also very conservative in my values and politics. I found some of the political rhetoric on MASH to lean a little too far Left for me. And I was never really able to get past that to become a huge fan of the show. (I totally love the theme song, however. And I like the fact that I still get small checks in the mail from work I did on MASH back at the beginning of the 1980s. Ha! So I'm not complainin' 'bout nuttin' at all. :o)

      ~ D-FensDogG
      Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...

    5. Stephen
      Thanks for the explanation about it being too LEFT. I was going to ask. But I agree.... war is bad, checks are good.

  4. My mother loved M*A*S*H. I was too young for it at the beginning. Towards the end, I watched it. Good show.

    As for your aside and the "smut" word: we weren't offended by the words. We were offended by the lack of respect he accorded this woman he was talking about. He was discussing assault with a laugh. Like that sort of thing was OK. I'm sure your husband has never joked about assaulting another woman, right? I'm sure he and his buddies were just letting loose.

    1. Liz
      I wrote a reply to your comment and it ended up lower down. Don't know why, except that it's the middle of the night. Ha
      I woke up and could not get back to sleep so I got up, went online, started some kefir, put some whey to drip and now I feel I should go back to sleep.

  5. I love the MASH reruns too, but have stopped watching them for a while because I've seen them so many times. Col. Potter is a wonderful old character. I loved Radar too.

    1. River
      Radar, such a bashful boy from Iowa. A wonderful character. Actually they all fit together..... Klinger in all his dresses. I'm glad to hear you like MASH too. None of my female friends seem to care for it.

  6. i am not familiar with the series you mentioned though but i agree with you totally that men do say exactly the same words that you said but only with their friends not front of their family ,wife or kids .
    very interesting post my friend.
    hope you enjoy your coffee and favorite show

    1. Balli
      I believe there is usually a "club or locker room mentality" going on with each gender. When females gather, they may not talk smut but tend to
      gossip about the person who is missing.
      It sounds like there is a great deal of respect for others in your country. I have lived a great many years and I feel there was more respect for others when I was younger, than now.
      I hope you are well and thank you for dropping in.

  7. Hi Liz
    I don't know about my husband's younger life. I'm sure he saw the very seamy side of life as he grew up on the streets of Montreal. From the little bits and pieces of his life that he talked about, it sounds as if he had very little respect for anything or anyone and his experience in life went far beyond his years.
    Somewhere he had to change because for the 25 years we were married, he showed a true Victorian respect toward women and was always a gentleman. I'm glad I was his second wife.
    And that's all I know about that.....(again shades of Forest Gump)
    Thanks for pointing out some things.

  8. Mash and the characters is something I believe most people can relate to...It would be a good discussion.
    Coffee is on


    1. Dora
      It's easier for older people to relate to but I bet the young ones, who have never heard of MASH, would enjoy it too.

  9. Enjoyed Mash the first time--kind of a Radar fan. Don't think I could do reruns. Glad it is available for you.
    Liz nicely stated my views on the lack of respect and his view that violating a woman was his right.

    1. Patti
      Two posts previous I wrote "Everyone is Entitled to an Opinion. I'm glad that you are adding your opinion. It makes for interesting comments.
      Thanks and I hope you are enjoying your week off.

  10. I am a 75 year old great grandmother. My years have taught me that you ignore the words and watch the actions. President Trump has shown in many ways that he respects everyone. Men and women. Others talk a good game but their actions have shown a disregard for others. Especially women. And that is all I have to say about that!
    I have never been a coffee drinker but I share your fondness for MASH.

  11. JA
    I agree with you. Mr. Trump shows ultimate respect for everyone, even those on the "other side of the fence." That is my opinion and as I've stated before in my blog, all are invited to an opinion.

    I stopped at your house but you were not home. Thank you for visiting my blog and it is nice to meet you.

  12. it is nice meeting you also. I have been enjoying reading your blog. I am sorry I was not home. I didn't know you knew where I lived. Hahaha.

    1. JA
      Like all my old gal friends, we have the blood hound instinct. Hahahaha

  13. Yes, I got the gist. Being on the other side of the fence is a good thing. It means you're different and not a sheep. My Mom would always watch MASH. That song at the beginning of the show is unforgettable, and that guy with the glasses.... what's his name again?

    P.S. All men curse. They are like um... sheep that way. Yes.

    1. Blue Man
      That's the word for that song....Unforgettable..... hey, that's a song too. Oh dear me, life is just one unforgettable song.

      You must mean little Radar from Iowa. Col Potter wears glasses too...they have to wear the little round glass with the metal frame. In a recent re-run
      Radar and Col Potter were standing next to each other and remarking how the world felt foggy and dizzy. Then they just exchanged glasses and said,
      "Oh yah."

      Your Mom is probably watching re-runs too.

      Men get together and tell bawdy stories. Women get together and gossip.

    2. Radar... that's the one. I'm sure my Mom's watching many re-runs. Oh well, whatever makes her happy. :)

      Unforgettable... I love that song (CLICK!).

      I've never told you this but I'm actually a sucker for songs from the 40's, 50's and 60's. I'm also somewhat of an audio magician. Here's a song that was one of Elvis's unfinished home recordings. It was incomplete and I just turned it into a duet with Doris Day (and a bit of Peggy Lee): CLICK!



    3. Blue
      Absolutely amazing and I'm also entirely blown-away. Of course, I didn't know. You hide your light under a bucket or whatever that biblical phrase says. Thank you for sharing. I love that song and also enjoyed reading the comments of the people who are in your "know." You play piano too.... I can't think of a more perfect talent. You can close out the world and live within your own interest. A genius you are, Randy my friend.
      Here's a tid-bit about Elvis that I had forgotten until now. Elvis' last performance was in Minneapolis and he dedicated his show to my husband, Calvin Griffith. Why? I don't know, I guess I never asked him and it was before we met. He did own the Twins..... did Elvis like
      Thanks again for telling me. I cherish the knowledge adore the song.

  14. I can relate to your husband getting together with his buddies and having "locker room talk." My wife has heard it but I think it's my kids that are going to be shocked when they find out that their daddy is a bona fide vulgarian. Enjoy the MASH reruns. Take care.

    1. Mr. Shife
      Yeah, it may be better to hold off on the kiddies for
      a while. Wives knew it all along. LOL

  15. They had the Mash re-runs on in South-Africa a couple of years ago and I watched them with my mom. I really enjoyed them. Hawkeye and BJ were hilarious. Not to mention Clinger who kept prancing around in woman's clothing, hoping to be sent home. The last episode, where they had to dismantle all the tents, as they were all going home was so sad.

    1. Murees
      I am happy to hear of your enjoyment with your Mother, in watching
      the old MASH re-runs. I think I've seen them all a bazillion times and I still enjoy and laugh out loud when I see them again. A great cast and everyone fit, even when the commander was changed.

  16. Hi, Belva! It's been a long while, and I'm glad to see, read, and hear that you're doing well. There's nothing like starting over. :-) What is it about drunken guys who sing in harmony? Years ago I came across a tape of the Older Brother and his friends singing in sweet harmony "Barbara Ann" at their campsite. It was great!

    1. Susie
      Honestly to heaven..... I've been meaning to look you up but the older I get, the busier I become..... prob. because everything takes longer. So then I just coast along with what I already have "down."

      That harmony tape of your brother's is priceless. Secretly we probably all want to be great singers but only get the courage to try when we're in our cups. How's that, for an archaic phrase?

  17. I like MASH. I haven't seen it in years. The salesman I bought my car from sounded like Alan Alda. I told him and he seemed displeased, lol. I thought to myself, 'you should be so lucky!' ;)

    1. Rosey
      That salesman probably didn't know who Alan Alda was. Growing up, his mind may have been stuck in a 4th gear.

  18. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in this post could have been me saying it all. My husband treats women like Potter...he never uses profanity [nor does my son] in front of me. It's the way he was brought respect women, elders, and his superiors!! What happened to that from rearing kids these days?

    As for locker room talk, will do it. AND women too. There is no gender difference is locker room talk. And for most of us, it stays there. What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room.

    As for M*A*S*H....I loved the series. B J, Pierce, Hot Lips, Radar, even Frank = they were excellent. I watched them over and over [I even sketched them in pencil at one time...found on my blog under the art easel on my sidebar]. Oh and the Potterisms...loved those too.

    1. Anni
      What nice choice you too, made for your husband. I don't enjoy being around a man who swears like a sailor. Not that I have anything against sailors, it's just an expression. My father was in the navy and I never heard him swear, either. In fact I never heard any profanity from any of my relatives, nor my sons. We must sound like we come from another planet, another galaxy, perhaps.
      I'm glad to hear you are as much a fan of Mash, as I am.
      Thanks for your great comment.

  19. Hello there, Belva. Happy Friday!

    1. Mr. Shife
      And another Happy Friday to you. Sorry I'm so slow with the comments. A girlfriend was visiting and my schedule changed.

  20. I LOVED MASH, especially when it wasn't preachy and just being funny. I preferred Potter over Blake, but Trapper John over BJ. Great show. And better than the movie!

    1. Al
      I agree with your preference. Me twozy, I say. Happy to see you back.

    2. Also liked Frank Burns over Charles.
      Although Charles was funny in his own way.

  21. Hi Belva. Hope the MASH viewing is still going well and you have a nice weekend.

    1. Mr. Shife
      Thanks again. Back to normal for me and lots
      to catch up on. LOL

  22. I watched Mash back in the day but don't care for re-runs much. Don't even watch a lot of TV except the news. Guess my computer took it's place. Thank you for commenting in my blog.

    1. Paula
      I watch very little TV too but I'm trying to make new curtains and it's taking me forever. Sewing is so boring for me that I need a distraction, as the TV.
      Thanks for stopping by

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  24. Trapper John over BJ. Great show. And better than the movie!

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