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Monday, June 19, 2017

I Love my......

I just shot holes in my resolution to post each Monday. 
My friend, Marilyn, was visiting and I think we've
kept one complete chatter going for 60 years. 
If you recall, Marilyn is training for a triathlon so we quickly develope a
schedule around her training. I am so supportive of her athletic training that it
is my pleasure to change my routine while she is here.

We have never had a cross word for the other and we can break into a song
and dance on a second's notice. (no kidding).  We talk on and on about so
many subjects but everything is upbeat. This visit we revived the old popular
video of the little girl (who is now a grown woman) jumping up on a chair
and telling of the things she loved, which is everything. "I love my hair, I
love my house, I love my Mom"..... etc. If we mentioned a new subject, we
went into a new tirade about what we loved. How could anyone ever feel
sad when telling of everything we love.

After our early morning coffee and chat and laughter, Marilyn would take
off for the Y in the old pickup (she loves to drive it as much as I do) and I
would tend to my chicken chores and work in the gardens. Then, in the
early twilight hours, 2 old broads still had a flicker of energy to climb the
mountain with Lily.

The days set a record for flying by and soon we were packing Marilyn's van
for her drive to visit her daughter in Sun Valley. I sent her daughter (my
godchild) bounty from my greenhouse, fresh eggs and some of the
condiments we made. The dynamite mustard we made using some berry
wine I just bottled, that will knock your socks off, (and your boots)......
is a definite winner. Making mustard is a true art. We should have a "mustard
cook off or bake off or whatever it can be called. Ha

I watched the tail lights of Marilyn's van disappear down the road and my
life is back to my alone routine, but I still have Lily to share it.  "I love my
dog, I love my hollyhocks, I love my mustard, I love my hoe, I love my
peppers.....I love my.......SEE.... isn't life more grand when you love


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all :-)

    1. Dog's Mother
      No time to waste on being blue.
      Tempus fugit
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. What type of gun did you use to shoot holes in it? Did you miss? lol

    But but do I have to love crummy 9-5 work, snow, bugs, annoying people and rat faces? That might be pushing it haha

    Knowing and saying what you enjoy can sure make for a better day. And Lily is sure to keep you hopping at your bay.

    1. My 357 magnum does a pretty good job. They used to call me dead-eye, way back yonder....or was that dead-beat or dead-ass or something like that. Hahahaha
      I know, Pat. I was young once too and had stupid schedules to meet and street-cars to catch but you just gotta be content to wait and wait and
      wait and one day you'll just reach the point where if your shirt is dirty, you just turn it inside out. Yup, even Ole OCD you. People still annoy me but I have that great fence with padlocks. LOL

      It's just that, as one ages, every minute gets precious and you love them all and you realize what great wealth you have when you have an old pickup and your pup.

    2. Remind me never to break into your house.

      lol what? ocd me will turn my shirt inside out? Bah, the future is horrible. A good fence can't be beat. Content to hurry up and wait too? Trying to kill me, geez haha

  3. A triathlon?? Wow, I'm impressed. Wish her luck and hope she does well. Don't you love friends where you take right up where you left off. Hum, think I will try that "love" listing. Gotta work.

    1. Patti
      This will be her 3rd thiathlon since she's turned old. I don't remember her age when she bagan them but it was not very long ago. I don't understand how when you are in your 70's and 80's, one can suddenly say, "I'm going to do a triathlon." She came back from the Y one day and said she had run for 45 minutes. I seriously doubt if I could run for 2 minutes. You know, Patti, we just kinda say the "love thing" to be funny but it does make us feel good.

  4. There's a lot of things I love about where I am too: the sunshine streaming in the front window even in winter, my garden, my friends here, Angel my cat.
    But currently there's a "spanner in the works" a disruptive tenant is causing troubles.

    1. River
      You might be the only other person who talked about sunlight streaming in a window. That is sooooo important to me. My house is a ramshackel old farm house but it's so situated that sunshine comes in every window and every room gives an extremely cheerful feeling. By contrast, my brother's house is huge with lots of outdoor porches and over-hangs that won't let the sun in and that makes it dark, unfriendly and rather gloomy. Yay for sunshine.

  5. Life is definitely more grand when you do love everything. Thank you for the reminder and sharing it with me. I loved this post.

    1. Mr. Shife
      Thanks for the kind words. Life seems to put plenty of stumbling blocks
      in our path so we maight as well love em and they won't appear as harsh.

  6. No matter what comes my way, I try to greet it with a smile.
    People sometimes think I'm deranged.
    So, I smile even more at them.

    1. Al
      Deranged.....sounds good to me. I laugh when I come to your blog.
      If that is deranged, me too!
      Happy smiles and many more.

  7. I salute her spirit .courage and passion has no age or limit.

    It is blessing to rejoin friends in older age when one needs a friend more than anything in the world.
    Yes loving everything makes life magically beautiful!

    1. Balli
      Whenever we get down on ourselves, there is always someone who
      is worse off and then we think.... "Awww I don't have it so bad."You, my friend, are an example of being a kind and loving person.

  8. Ah true friendship... makes the world go round. Well, our own world, it does.

  9. Blue
    True friendship is based on trust and for me, that trust thing is tricky. Marilyn and I developed our friendship long ago when neighbors trusted neighbors. Today, in this time, that trust feeling has turned to suspect of others. That makes it difficult to form a true friendship.

  10. I love that you had such a lovely visit (you see what I did there?). :) And hurrah for sweet friends who come to visit. Mustard is my favorite but I've never tried to make it myself.

  11. I love your blog, I love your attitude ,oh you know I love everything. I think I'll start saying that all day and make John think I'm losing it.

  12. Hi, Belva! I hopped over from Pat's blog, and I'm so glad that I did! I love that you and Marilyn have such an enduring and positive friendship. I could feel the love shining through in your words. I couldn't agree more with your words: "Isn't life more grand when you love everything." I pretty much love everything in my life, well, except for technology glitches! Have a good one!

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