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Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Boot Lace

Last autumn, before I had little PI, Lil
and I journed up the mountain for our
daily hike. 

It is a popular hiking trail and I often run into strangers along
the way. My attention drifted to an elderly Indian woman who had
been walking off the path among the weeds and shrubbery and would
suddenly stop, say a little chant and collect a piece of plant or
twig and place it gently in a worn should-strap straw basket.

As I watched her bend over a certain plant, the should-strap broke
and spilled the contents of the dilapated old bag. I went over to her
and offered assistance in gathering the bag's contents, of which
there were even some small rocks. Well, no wonder the strap broke.

She seemed to be very grateful for the help and it turned out the
bag was almost too heavy to carry in her arms. As I sat down on a
rock and started untieing my leather hiking boot lace, I said, " I
have an idea, " This boot lace is strong and perhaps we can weave
 the strap together again.

She objected that I give up my boot lace, but I assured her I was
nearing the end of my hike and I'd be home soon. It was her deft
fingers that interlaced the leather to the strap and it was soon
strong once more.

She appeared very grateful and assured me she would repay my
kindness. I told her it was "NO PROBLEM" as I continued my
trek down the trail with my boot tongue flapping in the dirt.

She appeared to be so interesting that I wanted to meet with 
her again and for the remainder of the summer I described her
to stranger I met and asked if they knew her. 

One couple said they knew "of" her but warned me to stay away
from her because she was a "witch" and could do both "good
and bad medicine." Well, I laughed at that and as winter approached,
I had to stay off the snowy, slippery mountain.

Just last week after several days of bright sunshine and higher
temps, I couldn't wait any longer and was inspecting the lower
muddy trail of the mountain.

There she was as if she suddenly appeared
from out of nowhere, the same weathered old
straw bag hanging from her arm and holy
moly, my boot lace was still holding it 

We chatted a few minuted like we were old friends, asking how our
winter went and entering into various little non-personal tid-bits of
conversation. She then said something that set me back on my
hiking boots-with-the -new-laces, heels.  She told me how grateful
she was for my kindness and that she had put a spell on some  "bad"
people who had wronged me. I know I gave a little nervous laugh
and said something like, "You didn't have to do that." (yeah, right)

But she had already started on her way and I doubt if she heard me.
I called the muddy dogs to me and we started for home.

I kept wondering if there was anyone in my crosshairs and what she
meant "by a spell."

So if there is, better watch out........No No...only kidding........
(I think)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Here We Are

 Here we are......The weather outside is frightful 
but the fire is so delightful and since there's no
place to go.....let it snow (rpt. 2X").  Words from an
old song that no one knows anyway.

My mailman says this is the worst winter of the 32 years he's worked.
Yesterday, I just gave up. I even said it out loud...... "I give up...... no more
shoveling or driving.  Depression babies are the original "preppers" and I
actually haven't been to a store for at least two months. I can even easily make
it into spring.

I suppose some of you are wondering how long I prepare for this. I don't.
D. babies are just natural hoarders. I have one room upstairs that I use
for (ahem) extras. Fresh fruit for my morning smoothie can be a bit of a
problem but I have learned how to ferment blueberries and pears. I
grow flats of microgreens and have many jars of various seeds. Potatoes,
carrots and turnips keep well in the cellar. The onions do well in the front
porch but will freeze in the back porch. Fifteen lbs. of organic oats from
Wisconsin, alone could keep one going all winter. I actually ferment that
too, with kefir.... yum and finally cook it in a crockpot.  There is a good
supply of Einkorn flour. Also bags of brown rice for the pups along with
their bags of food but Amazon prime will deliver quickly if needed.
The freezer hold their hamburger and bacon but in weather like this I
could just as easily put their meat on the back porch. LOL

Fresh organic eggs from the chickens and the tool shed has a good supply
of organic chicken feed. The hay shed is brimming with the sweet smell
of grass hay. When I put new hay in the coop, the hens love to peck through
it for seeds. Sorry chicks, it's the nearest thing to free range that you'll
get in the winter weather.

Everything is organic..... no GMO's. I even make my condiments. My
fermented catsup is dynamite.

The dogs get exercise from a treadmill. The poor little pups can't even
walk in the yard. They sorta "hop and lunge through the deep snow.

Am I bored? Never.... I learned how to make wifi from a wire coat hanger
and also how to make my own TV antenna. Ha..... maybe now I
can get rid of that expensive cable bundle.

If you stuck with me this long,  congratulations.
It's a boring subject but actually I love winter.  I could do with a warm day
once a week. By warm I mean anything above 32 deg. Yes, I'd settle for that.

18 below forecast for tonight. I have to turn on the 2nd heat lamp in
the chicken coop in spite of the fact that the coop is pretty well insulated.
Why don't I move to a warmer climate? I did live in
Florida for 25 years and I far prefer this to hurricanes and snakes.
I don't mean for this to sound like I'm complaining...... just showing
some of you what it's like to live in a snow country.

Marilyn's mother's motto was "Make your own sunshine." In case some
of you don't know, Marilyn is my best friend of over 60 years.  She
is the oldest of ten kids. I often mention her.

Take care of yourself, stay clear of the flu and make sunshine.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

For the Love of "Pi"

Sweet Little "Pi"
I was just happily
going along in my
own world, loving 
my life as it was, 
training my almost
2-year old herding
puppy, when a little
elderly dog named
Pi appeared in my 

Who could resist those pleading
black eyes.  Here was my
argument with myself......
She needs a home, but, but, but
I stammered, "She's old. The vet thinks she could be over 10."  She'll become a
bright love in my life and then she'll die, just like my Cody was stripped away from
me a year ago.  I don't need another empty hole in my heart. But alas, the argument was
useless as she had already wiggled her way into my love circle.

"I'll get you, my pretty, you and your little dog, too."
My son thinks she looks like Toto. Ha

Life is pretty amazing, isn't it? Each day something magical and illustrious happens.
When the garden paths are frozen over with ice and snow flakes swirl, the indoor
attention-grabbing chores can be attended to.  I don't need the prodding of a Mercury
retrograde to finish the mittens I started knitting last winter  or to finally finish the new kitchen
curtains.  Ummm, it's also time to think about summer gardens and get the seeds started
indoors.  I'll never plant pumpkins again. They are space thieves.

I've also been eating my way through many flats of microgreens that are grown in
doors. See, I can have dirty finger nails all year round.  And books...... oh my goodness,
I have so many books waiting to be read. Here's one I'm reading that someone might
also find interesting..... "Nutrient Power,........Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal
Your Brain" by William J. Walsh.  This is one of my favorite subjects as I'm seeking
ways I can bring my invalid daughter to live with me.  Not a popular subject to very

5 weeks since I last posted. Tempus really does fugit, what say?

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Two Dog Night I in luck. Last night was a 2-dog night and
I now just happen to have two dogs. Ha ha

No one has any use for an old dog. (Ask me how I know) lol
This little part-border collie, part-sheltie was being put out on the street, food dish
and the whole-shebang with her exact age unknown. Could be 9, 10, 11 or somewhere
around there as they say she was originally found on the streets in Ky years ago.
Now here she is in Mt, the sweetest, most obedient little dog I've ever met.

Visits to the vet and the groomer confirmed she is a little princess in the
rough.  She's a real little charmer and even the Vet remarked that she would
have taken her but if I ever need a dog-sitter, she'd gladly oblige. The only
existing medical problem is a dental problem. That will be taken care of in
Feb. as that is dental discount month at the hospital. I still got out the MSM
and glucosamine as a preventative for a dog that age.

Here's a thought.........if you want an obediently trained dog, buy one from
a homeless person. Have you ever watched a homeless guy walking along a
road streaming with traffic and his unleashed dog walking beside him. There's no
fear of the dog darting out in traffic. Why is that? They can even be puppies and
they follow right along.

I suspect the answer to all of this is that dogs tend to pick up on a human's
emotional patterns. Dogs usually don't like a lot of words as it's the gestures
and hand movements that they really respond to. With Lil, I try to save my
words for our play time, as I realize they are being said for me, not for her.

One more note...... new puppy (I call them all puppies) came with the name of
Millie and resident puppy was Lily. Try to make them distinguish who the
infernal human is calling, so I renamed Millie to Pi and shortened Lily to
Lil. Now they get it.... Pi and Lil.

Why don't I put in a picture of Pi? I snapped some pictures but I guess I forgot
how to add pictures to a post. I can hear all of you computer geniuses
 laughing but I'll trade you a dog training lesson for a photo blog
lesson on an Apple. And I'm not homeless.......yet.

I hope you all are staying warm, except you southland people  with the
80-degree temps. The rest of you, just get another dog. LOL

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Opinion Time

Where does time go?  No, don't tell me. That 
question is rhetorical and I really don't want 
to know.  
Every time I write a new post, I make a little promise to myself that I
will write weekly but then months go by and I'm out and about on some-
thing else. No more promises. No new tricks for old dogs.

When the furnace stops working, why is it always during a holiday or
a double-priced weekend? But it does and it did because this old farm
house is charming but also a piece of crap. I was out giving the dog a
good run when I got a text from my neighbor, asking if the plumbing,
heating truck by my house was legit. I reassured her it was legit and I
had left the door unlocked for him to enter and begin work.

That was just a little example of how my neighbors go out of their
way to look after one another. Since I am the (here comes that word)
Senior person, they all seem to share in a responsibility of either seeing
lights in my house or me out and about. Don't think I don't appreciate
their concern but sometimes I also feel like a burden.

City of Bozeman has a program, whereby seniors or sick people
could sign up to be called once a day to make sure they were alive
and kick'n. Nothing like that here and for several years I kept mentioning
the need for that kind of program.

Finally I took it upon myself to get the ball rolling. Here's the painful
truth..... what if an elderly person who lives in a neighborhood that is
 not as diligent as mine,  expires and what about the pets that are in
the house??????  I began by talking to groups who are connected to
pet owners....... veterinarians, senior centers, animal know.
So far everyone agrees it's a necessary volunteer program and now
that the word is out there, many people want to help.

It's truly amazing and a bit like those Hallmark stories where the whole
town is coming together for a common good.  A really close friend,
who is retired and owner of 2 dogs, has come to the fore with her
organizational skills.  This could be set in motion before Christmas.

Right now we need to decide on a name. Some suggestions so far:
Pet Love ......(naww)
Love Thy Pet.....(we all do)
Save a pet.....(sounds like adoption)
Paws itivly.....(too saccharin and cutsey)
Pet Check
Friend Check .....(this would be my choice, so far....simple and to the

OK bloggy friends, join in. Let me hear your ideas on how to get this
 ball rolling and offer some name choices.

Maybe I've opened a can of worms. (No comments, Pat (I'm not sure.
Let me hear from you guys.
Oh, I almost forgot. Last post I had a little movie quiz. Here are the
Mrs. Wilberforce..... Lady Killers
Two Youts.......My Cousin Vinny
Elwood P. Dowd.....Harvey
Elderberry Tea....Arsenic and Old Lace
Wimpole St......The Barrets of Wimpole St
Last week I saw Arsenic and Old Lace (again), an early Cary Grant
movie..... Slightly dated, I suppose, but still a hoot.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Games are Fun

I'm not much of a TV watcher but I do love the
Movie Channel that shows the old movies. My
friend, Joan, watches a daily show called 
Jeopardy. (Which I had never watched)

To understand her fascination with this show, I did watch it once and
then I sent her an answer to a category and she told me the right 
question. I think it's rather a stupid game but I could learn some
things from the show and Lord knows I could use more of that.

Since my fascination is with old movies, I then sent her 4 answers in
the old movie category. She didn't know any of them.  Did I do it wrong?
Category.....old movies
1. Mrs. Wilberforce
2. elderberry wine
3. two youts
4. Wimpole Street

Anyone know the answers?

I grew up in a very small town with one movie theater. During the
depression, the admission price was 5 cents and later, during the war
went up to a dime. It was even difficult to scrape up a nickle but I would
work the skin off my fingers, weeding other people's gardens so I could
go to the movies. 

When the war came, my mother always went to the movies with me.  There
was no TV then but the movie always had a short, "The Eyes and Ears
of the World," that gave the news. It was so necessary that we try to 
keep up with the war news as my father was in the Navy for the full four
years of the war with ships being blown away right under him.  When
the news started, a big picture of the flag was shown and everyone in
the theater stood and sang along with the anthem.  Tears stained the
cheeks of most people and words cannot tell you how precious that
flag was to everyone. I don't think there was a person in our town who's 
life was not touched by that war. 

Then we would watch on screen, the soldiers struggle in the mud with
bombs going off in all direcions, of ships exploding and we always looked 
with a fervent hope that we never see my father's face in that kind of

I can't even talk about NFL ball players who disrespect our flag. 
LIFETIME? The shame that I feel for them is unspeakable. 

WOW that was a trip down a path I wasn't intending to just
got away from me. 

Back to a cheery note.....let's hear it for the movies (not for the 
Hollywood of today) but for those beautiful old movies and 
theaters that are nearly a thing of the past. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Some Thought Patterns

Hello from my other planet. But seriously, 
wouldn't it be grand to have another planet,
like a "vacation planet" to escape the stupidity
that often goes on here?

I have to be careful of what I eat. "Why?" you may ask. Because I used
to be a rattle-brained youth and eat with wild abandon. My selection of
food was poor and now I'm paying for it in playing the game, "save the
 teeth."  It's kinda like the game shows on TV,  just spin a wheel and
 hope for the best.

I'm at my juicer much of the time. Actually, you oldies, it's the only way
to go. Juice it and drink it and all those pretty little enzymes start their
 jobs. Take parsley for example, because it is extremely powerful,  juice
 it with mostly carrot.

Here's a story. I was merrily going along for nearly a week on my
carrot/parsley juice recipe.  Last Friday I noticed a back-ache, mostly
hanging around on my lower right back.  "Ummm, too much heavy
lifting in the yard-work," I thought.  I put the hens in and fed the dog
early (thanks to my intuition) because that pain was rising like Andrew,
to full hurricane level. I started to make preparation for a castor oil
pack but could do nothing but stumble into bed and muffle my screams
in a pillow. I never even knew I had a kidney problem but my instincts
told me,  this is a kidney stone.  Dang, but they do hurt. I did manage
to sleep a little.

Next morning, pain had vanished like buggy whips......completely gone,
and a new vigor flashed through this "once gorgeous" body. (that's a joke,
now laugh). I felt/still feel like I was what?  perhaps 25. If I had been
an allopathic aficionado, I probably would have been in the hospital
all drugged up, but I'm not and I won't and I read a lot.

By the way, I don't just drink juice but it is in additon to my meals, just
in case you go crazy and start frantically juicing.

I wasn't even going to talk about my kidney stone, but what the heck,
it evolved and maybe help someone in the same predicament. I'll save
my other "big story" for later. Can you hardly wait?